• Undertaker told what he would do after retirement from WWE?
  • The Undertaker finals in the Survivor Series have recently taken place.

Undertaker’s final in the Survivor Series was Farewell. The 30-year-old Undertaker’s career is over. Now Undertaker is now free and is now enjoying retirement. Still but Undertaker will be in this business, these reports are coming.

Undertaker said big thing

Inside The Ropes recently interviewed The Undertaker. Undertaker told about post retirement plan. The Undertaker said that he had not thought about it yet. The Undertaker has made it clear that he will no longer do wrestling. But she is willing to work with new talent.

The Undertaker also said that some time ago there was a talk with Triple H about his coaching role. Undertaker said in this interview,

I don’t know anything yet. Nothing is thought of this yet. Right now I am enjoying a 30-year journey. I have 30 years with WWE. It has been 34 years in the wrestling industry. I am not thinking about whether I will be a part of WWE in the future. One of the things I want to do is to work with new talent and keep them moving forward. I want to share my experience with them. I can do a lot for them. I can tell about whatever deficiency is happening in the story. I have a lot to do. I want to do it for the next generation. So that this business can benefit more.

Undertaker has been a big name in the world of professional wrestling. Their final has been Farewell recently. And the fans are still unable to understand whether they have really taken retirement. If this has happened then the backstage Undertaker will now be seen ahead.

Undertaker has clearly stated that he will not do wrestling anymore. Undertaker wants to work with new talent. And it is also a good thing somewhere. New superstars will be helped a lot by this thing.