After the great success achieved in ‘Game of Thrones’, Maisie Williams, the unforgettable Aria Starks, has a new challenge: to prepare for the arrival of the end of the world that is coming in just two weeks . This is the premise of ‘Two weeks to live’, the new miniseries from HBO Max and Sky UK, which premieres this Wednesday, December 23 on HBO .

Kim Noakes ( Maisie Williams ), a strange young misfit, was just a child when her father died under strange circumstances. After her death, her mother Tina ( Sian Clifford ) quickly relegated her to a rural life in some remote place of seclusion and somewhat strange survival techniques. After the projection of a fake video in a bar, the protagonist will believe that the world ends in two weeks because of a nuclear explosion, so she takes the opportunity to escape from the clutches of her mother and invest her “last” moments in hunting and brutally kill the man who murdered his father years before.

Williams will not be alone in this tale of revenge. Along the way he will meet Nicky, played by Mawaan Rizwan (How Gay is Pakistan?) And his brother Jay, played by Taheen Modak (Five Dates). The six-episode fiction was created and written by Gaby Hull (Cheat) and completes its cast with Kerry Howard (Him & Her) as Beth and Pennyworth actor Jason Flemyng, in the role of Brooks.