Transfer Whatsapp Chat From WhatsApp to Telegram: After the introduction of the new privacy and policy of WhatsApp, people started feeling discontented with WhatsApp. In such a situation, people were looking for different types of options and new options were coming into the market. But WhatsApp and Telegram use these two instant messaging apps in large numbers. In such a situation, Telegram has now brought a special feature. Now with the new update of Telegram, you can transfer the chat of WhatsApp to Telegram.

How to transfer chat (How to Transfer Whatsapp Chat from WhatsApp to Telegram) 

To transfer WhatsApp chats to Telegram, iOS users must first adopt WhatsApp Contact Info or Group Info >> Export Chat >> Telegram. At the same time, Android users can transfer their WhatsApp chats to Telegram by following the process of WhatsApp Chat >> More >> Export Chat >> Telegram.

Telegram will benefit

Let us know that the benefit of this new setting of Telegram will be the most to those who are planning to leave WhatsApp. Please tell that all the features of WhatsApp are available on Telegram as well as additional facilities are also available on Telegram. Which makes Telegram more attractive than WhatsApp in some cases.

NO Extra Space

Telegram company has claimed that even after transferring WhatsApp chat to Telegram, the chats will not take extra space. At the same time, tell that you can also delete secret chats or chat history of people, etc. on Telegram.

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