T he short video app has been the most popular app of TikTok 2020, though it has been banned in India. After the India-China border dispute last year, this Chinese video app TicketTalk has been banned in the entire country. Despite this, this Chinese app has given tough competition to big companies like Google (Google) and Facebook (Facebook). After the ban, its users are increasing constantly.

Tiktok Did Amazing Even After Being Banned,

TikTok app has earned $ 540 million in 2020 in the whole world. Despite having a ban in India, TikTok has been downloaded 85 million times in the whole world. At the same time, 60 crore people downloaded WhatsApp. 54 million times Facebook was downloaded in 2020.
According to the tech site business insider, the dating app Tinder has been the second most popular app. Tinder has a total revenue of $ 513 million in the year 2020. According to data released by Apptopia, the video app YouTube earned $ 478 million last year. The OTT platform Disney + grossed $ 314 million.

Let us know that after the India-China border dispute last year, the government had banned more than 200 Chinese apps. However, for the past several months, the Chinese app TikTok is preparing for relaunching in India. But at present, the Indian government has not given any response in this matter.