18 have spent that evening in which the Real Madrid players defied the board. The part, known as the “Txistu uprising”, has been recollected these days by ESPN in its narrative Galacticos in which it audits those seasons where the white group collected a few of the best parts on the planet like Roberto Carlos, Beckham, Ronaldo, Figo or Raul. It was a confounded day, where conversations occurred between the changing area, driven by chief Fernando Hierro, and the leading body of Florentino Perez, who had Jorge Valdano as a questioner with the players.

In the early long stretches of Monday, an abnormal circumstance was capable for a club like Real Madrid. The private festival of the title appeared to be a memorial service and not a gathering. The alleged bliss was changed into a quiet, gloomy appearance, sharp looks, and numerous gatherings. Reason? The beat of Hierro to Valdano in the corner and the inconsiderateness of the group to the fans and the Press. This narcissistic and adolescent conduct in the changing area caused Florentino Perez’s resentment. It was the start of the end because the contact is long and the three festivals of the period have finished in wake.

The declaration of the marking of Beckham five days before the match against Athletic was the trigger for the new difference. This signal didn’t satisfy the commanders. What’s more, on Sunday, as of now with the title in their pocket, they counterattacked. How? Breaking the understanding that existed between those liable for the club and the media: the players would circumvent the field alone and afterward, along with the Press, another. Be that as it may, there was no second round – Guti just came out with the stands half vacant – because Hierro denoted the path to the evolving rooms. Before the discourteous signal, Valdano went to the storage space for the players to reexamine their position. Hierro addressed everyone and straight cannot while there were writers on the pitch.

The games general chief spoke to the picture of the club and the skipper answered that the following day yesterday Monday. they were at that point an extended get-away and “maybe” they would not go to the contributions to the local foundations. The test rankled the president. In any case, more noteworthy was the indignation of the storage space patriarchs when they found that Florentino Pérez was remaining at the entryway with a columnist! The circumstance was subsequently confounded because the footballers planted the Press in the blended zone. They left the arena through an entryway that ought not to have been open and went straightforwardly to the open-top transport.

Late to supper for drinking brews

More pressure. In Cibeles, the players can’t climb the goddess to store the banner and the club scarf. The City Council had to taboo it. Raúl confronted a cop. For what reason wouldn’t we be able to go up? What has the civic chairman prohibited? Also, wouldn’t you be able to converse with the civic chairman? ‘ No. So the staff leaves irate to the Sports City to gather their private vehicles. New inconsiderateness. At the “Meson Txistu,” the Board of Directors anticipates for supper. The stand-by is long because a few players – Ronaldo, Flavio, or Hierro – stop by the “De Maria” cafe first to have a lager. At the point when Hierro shows up at the agape, he has a warm conversation with Florentino Pérez. Supper was at that point busted. Furthermore, gatherings happen at the commanders’ table. First with Valdano; at that point with Florentino.

To the disarray, Makelele leaves in the primary course because a companion of hers was not on the list of people to attend. Furthermore, after the pastries, Florentino Pérez sends a corrosive message, Like it or not, we have had an issue. They haven’t let us go up to Cibeles. Like it or not, we must choose the option to acknowledge it. The club needs to visit the Community, the City Council, and La Almudena. Some things don’t concern the players, yet the organization. I ask that tomorrow we put on the suit and go to fill in the establishments. Furthermore, making this a world doesn’t bode well. Also, that each time we win a title we have pleasant appearances. Today I am seeing countenances that don’t relate to the accomplishment of a title. The fans have the correct that we act like elderly individuals. Have a decent occasion and put on a decent face.

Around four-thirty AM the president left and the players met to conclude whether to go to the arranged occasions. There was no arrangement and it was left for the first thing. From seven o’clock the mobiles of the chiefs and the president’s colleagues didn’t quit ringing. At ten there was a “white smoke” and the Madrid crew got on the transport. That evening at Txistu he left open injuries in the changing area, which started a decay that prompted the takeoff of a few of the players who had made progress in that season.