This weekend, the wedding of Zayn Malik’s younger sister , Waliyha, was celebrated. However, neither the former One Direction member nor the head of the family have attended the ceremony.

Although the singer may have the justification that has just been father and now lives in Pennsylvania, sources close to the family have revealed the real reason to The Sun .

” No one is happy with her marrying him, ” said the anonymous after publishing the British newspaper different photographs of the event where neither the artist nor the father appear.

The reputation of the aforementioned, named Junaid Khan, begins with a stay in prison for five years for stealing a car from an old woman: “He is a gang member, this is not in his past, he has just got out of prison .”

According to court documents, Junaid Khan and his companion Adam Takolia followed an elderly woman who was driving a sports car home. Once there, they raided the woman’s home and carried out the armed robbery.

While the bride has published several images of that special day on her Instagram , her sister-in-law, Gigi Hadid , has sent her a message in the comments: ” I wish I could be there. I’m very happy for you. Much love .”