Stephen Amell has said goodbye forever to Arrow’s Oliver Queen that released him to fame, but he’s far from leaving the world of action. As we met in August 2019, the actor has signed for the series Heels, a drama for Starz that follows the lives of several men and women trying to succeed in professional wrestling. It is set in a tight Georgia community and focuses on a family company and two brothers at odds over their father’s legacy.

Amell plays Jack Spade, the eldest of the sons, while Alexander Ludwig ( Vikings ) plays the second brother, Ace. Jack has been described as an artist in the body of a fighter who has an obsession with perfectionism. His character in the Duffy Wrestling Association is a charismatic villain, but, in real life, he works hard to support his family. On the other hand, Ace is much more fearless, arrogant, and self-destructive, but also charming. On stage, the youngest of the Spades is the hero and the one who makes things difficult for his brother Jack.

They both try to match the legacy of their father, Tom Spade, who has already been confirmed to be played by David James Elliott ( Spinning Out ). Tom is a former wrestler and owner of the Duffy Wrestling League. He is a very dedicated businessman who has allowed dedicating himself to professional wrestling to numerous aspirants from all corners of the country.


We do not know what Stephen Amell will get, if with the superhero world of Arrow or with wrestling, but the filming of Heels is being high risk. In October 2020, news broke that the actor had been injured while filming in Atlanta. ” While doing an action scene this week, Stephen Amell suffered a back injury. After a medical evaluation, he is resting and recovering from home before returning to the set. Production continues while Stephen recovers.” stated a representative of the study.

Heels have a high action component and the team has a stunt coordinator, as well as wrestling coaches and stuntmen if necessary. Although they rehearse the fights so that no one suffers any mishap, it is impossible to avoid some physical damage, as has happened to the protagonist.