For some time now Netflix has promised to provide its subscribers with extensive Christmas content as December approaches. This trend includes great phenomena such as the A Christmas Prince saga apparently concluded to our dismay or Princess Change with Vanessa Hudgens which this year released a sequel as well as major productions such as Christmas Chronicles. Every year the platform is expanding the offer and at the end of 2021, we will see how finally a Spanish production is part of this harvest. Its title is A thousand kilometers.

A Thousand Kilometers from Christmas is starring Tamar Novas one of the stars of the recent Netflix hit

El disorder que dejas and directed by Alvaro Fernandez Armero responsible for the comedy If I Were Rich and several television series. Its screenwriters are Francisco Arnal Down there and Daniel Monedero Losing the east and the idea is that soon the production will move to Aragon and Catalonia specifically to the towns of Benasque and Arties in Huesca and Lleida respectively so that the film is ready for its premiere on Christmas 2021.

Kiko Martinez is the producer, and he talks about classics such as How beautiful it is to live! Love Actually or The Great Family as references to whom A thousand kilometers from Christmas wants to get closer. Cinema is a reflection of society and we were struck by the fact that there was no Christmas movie on the Spanish scene. Telling this story in an idyllic place in the Pyrenees, as if it were a story is a challenge he said. Fernandez Armero, for his part, assures that the film will bring together all the elements of the genre from the snow to the reindeer sweaters without avoiding an ironic look at the festivities, based on the protagonist who plays Novas.

A thousand kilometers from Christmas, Novas plays

a thirty-year-old who hates these holidays because many misfortunes in his life had them as the setting. He hates Christmas carols, the Three Wise Men, everything that smells of the Christmas spirit. One year, his boss asks him to go to a nougat factory in Valverde to do an audit, and Raúl is forced to share an accommodation with Paula: the village teacher, who dreams of building the largest nativity scene in the world.