woman using black VR headset beside computer

Tech development never stands still, and every form of it is in a constant state of evolution. That is actually quite a sobering thought when you think how much we spend in the US and other countries on out phones, laptops and so on. Back in the 1990s, all our hardware was out of date almost as soon as we bought it, but today, progress has slowed somewhat in those areas. Plenty of people who bought good quality laptops seven or eight years ago are finding they are not so different to the latest models.

Other aspects of tech are another matter, however. Software is still developing at the speed of light, and there is no better example of this principle in action than in gaming. Here, we look at two examples of tech innovations that are pushing the envelope at a lightning pace.

Augmented reality took gaming into the real world

While virtual reality continues to promise much but never quite delivers in the mainstream, augmented reality took that vital step when Pokemon Go! hit the shelves in 2016. The game itself was every bit as much of a smash hit as predecessors in the series, but this was like nothing anyone had ever played before. Despite a few glitches, even those who were not players could not help getting caught up in the hype, with often hilarious results.

For a while, it looked as if Pokemon Go! might be a one-off, a little like the Wii, proving to be a massive craze but also a cul-de-sac. However, as The Review Geek points out, there are other AR games out there that are just as much fun, even if they haven’t attracted quite the same hype. It is a new genre for our times, and it looks like it’s here to stay.

Live gaming has transformed the casino experience

For the past decade, online gambling platforms have been pushing envelopes of their own, desperate to build market share and to deliver as authentic an experience as possible. They also experimented with VR, but again, it has yet to take off in any meaningful sense.

The innovation that really helped iGaming turn a corner was the concept of live gaming. If you’ve not seen them before, live dealer online casinos make it possible for players to experience all the classic casino dealer games like roulette, blackjack, or 3-card poker with a real human dealer. The game is broadcast from a studio, and the player can send messages to the dealer in real-time via a chat box.

AR and live gaming combine to make something entirely new

Not only does live gaming narrow the gap between online and physical casinos, but it has also opened the door for new types of casino games, ones that might never have been considered before.

These include gameshow-type games such as Deal or No Deal and Dream Catcher, games inspired by TV classics. Even more exciting are games that combine AR and live gaming. Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt takes a well-known slot character and a live presenter and combines them in a way that could just provide a clue about the next generation of casino games.