Nowadays, whoever has a smartphone spends the most time watching videos and on social media. Although there are many video streaming platforms on which users spend their time these days, most of the content is seen on YouTube. YouTube is such a video-sharing platform on which content of every category will be found.

But many times it happens that we spend more time on YouTube watching videos, due to which we have to face different problems. So today we are going to tell you about some such tricks of YouTube, which you can easily avoid many problems. So let’s know everything about it…

The App Will Tell You The Time To Take A Break

If you spend much of your time watching videos on YouTube and you don’t remember when to take a break, then you can fix the time to take a break by going to its settings. For this, you have to go to the settings of the YouTube app. After that there you will get the option of ‘Remind me to take a break’, after turning on the toggle, you can set the time to take a break according to your own and the message will come to you at that time.

Fix Bedtime

If you are watching videos at night and want to stop watching videos after a fixed time, then for this you have to toggle ‘Remind me when it’s bedtime’ in the settings. After this, you will have to set your sleep and wake-up time. After doing this, the video will stop automatically when you are watching the video.

Use dark theme

If you want that your eyes to not have too much emphasis, then you can turn on the dark theme by going to settings. This will not put too much emphasis on your eyes and it is believed that this also saves the phone’s battery.

This setting is very important for children

If your children use your phone too, then you must use ‘Restricted Mode’. This will prevent the content from appearing in the app and children will get to see content according to their calculations. However, the company also says that it is not 100% accurate and that the filter will be applied on the device on which you apply this setting. For this also, you will have to turn on the ‘Restricted Mode’ toggle by going to Settings.

There will also be ease in forwarding videos

YouTube usually offers 10 seconds to skip videos, but you can change the time according to your own. In this, you get a skip time ranging from five seconds to 60 seconds. To change the skip time, you have to go to Settings and click on ‘Skip forward and back’.

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