Theo James will not reunite for Sanditon season 2, which is a massive disappointment for fans of the PBS Masterpiece series. Based upon Jane Austen’s unfinished novel, Sanditon aired in the United Kingdom in 2019 and in the United States in January 2020. Despite developing a dedicated following, Sanditon was soon canceled because of low ratings, but the show recently received a surprise renewal for seasons 2 and 3 beginning in 2022.

However, the joy of Sanditon’s resurrection was undercut by male lead Theo James declaring that he wouldn’t go back for seasons 2 and 3. Back in Sanditon season, James played with the brooding hero Sidney Parker, the series lead character opposite Rose Williams’ Charlotte Heywood. When the innocent Charlotte came to the seaside resort city of Sanditon and met with its fascinating cast of rich gentry, most of whom were concealing secrets, Sidney was whoever contested and perplexed Charlotte the most.

However, the pair inevitably fell in love, but they did not declare their feelings until the final episode – later Sidney decided he had to marry a wealthy heiress to financially rescue his family. Sanditon season 1 ended with Sidney and Charlotte aside and she leaves the hotel town to return home. Suffice to say, it wasn’t the kind of happy ending which Jane Austen fans were used to. Charlotte and Sidney not getting together left the crowd frustrated and Sanditon’s cancelation was salt in the wound.

Not long after Sanditon season Two and 3 was announced, Theo James published a statement He would not be a part of this series going forward, which was a crushing disappointment to fans:

Though I relished playing Sidney, for me, I’ve always maintained that his travel concluded as I wanted it to. The busted fairytale-like ending between Charlotte and Sidney is different, unique and so interesting to me, and that I wish the cast and crew of Sanditon each success with future series.

With Sidney out of this film, it definitively puts an end to the romance between Mr. Parker and Miss Heywood. James also lauds the”broken fairytale-like ending” between Sidney and Charlotte that most fans disliked. Even though it is a unique resolution for a Jane Austen narrative, it also sabotages the psychological investment fans made in Charlotte and Sidney in season1.

James not returning as Sidney also curtails the initial plan of Sanditon’s producers, who were well-aware of the negative reaction season 1’s break-up elicited and they planned to bring Charlotte and Sidney back in season 2. Sanditon producer Belinda Campbell informed Vulture following this season 1 finale aired last year which Sidney and Charlotte’s story was always supposed to continue if the show was picked to get another season. Instead, Sanditon was canceled, leaving the grand scope of Miss Heywood and Mr. Parker’s romance unfinished, which is currently permanent without James linking Sanditon season two.

When Charlotte returns to Sanditon in season 2, it is going to ignite new romances and possibilities for the young heroine. While the promise of this new has its own intrigue, Sidney and Charlotte’s’broken fairytale’ is a bitter pill Sanditon fans will have to swallow. While the possibility exists that Sidney Parker might be recast, it is probably fans would deny a brand new celebrity stepping into the function Theo James embodied. Launching a new experience and a new love for Charlotte with another leading man are the wiser move, but it would also make dramatic sense for Sanditon year 2 to reveal Miss Heywood still dealing with the reduction of Sidney in the start so that the character and the fans can commiserate.