The Witcher season 2 teaser has been released on Netflix.

The Witcher’s premiere episodes were well-received by Netflix when they aired in winter 2019. A second season was ordered. Filming finished in April 2021. The episodes should be available in the platform catalog before the year ends.

The popularity of season 1 has inspired season 2, and it is already looking more promising. Despite the difficulties during production (including a pandemic, and an injury to the main actor), season 2 of The Witcher looks stronger than ever. This is the most important season yet. Netflix will have waited less than a week for its first teaser to Ciri to drop a second dedicated to the long-awaited Geralt. Henry Cavill plays the role. However, unlike the first video you won’t need to blink:

The teaser is just as cryptic and mysterious as the previous one. This teaser should still generate more interest and excitement due to the single presence of the main Star. While fans may already be whitewashed for the next WitcherCon which takes place on July 9th. It will be hosted by Netflix and CD Projekt Red. These are the studios behind the iconic The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt (and Cyberpunk 2077). But that’s another story. A trailer will likely be shown at the event. This is after a teaser about Yennefer. Stay tuned.