How will the story of these Generation Z castaways continue?

It seems that the adventures are not over for the castaways of ‘ The wilds ‘. The Amazon Prime Video series has been renewed for a second season, according to the official account of the series on Twitter. This decision comes just a week after the premiere of its first season on the platform, so it seems that the reception has been good. Of course, critics have not hesitated to highlight it as a “relevant” and “daring” series.

Created by Sarah Streicher, it tells the story of a group of teenagers with problems of all kinds who are sent on a spiritual retreat by their parents. But the private plane in which they were traveling crashes midway, leaving them isolated on a desert island, where they will have to learn to survive and, above all, to understand each other. The cast includes newcomers such as Helena Howard (‘Madeline’s Madeline’), Sophia Taylor Ali (whom we will see in ‘Uncharted’), Shannon Berry, Sarah Pidgeon, Erana James, and Jenna Clause, as well as a veteran, Rachel Griffiths. (‘Muriel’s Wedding’), in a mysterious role of the island. “It’s ‘Lost’ for teenagers, it’s ‘Lord of the Flies’ with girls, it’s ‘The Five Club’ with an apocalyptic twist,” they wrote in The Guardian.

This is how they announced the renewal through Twitter:

The series is produced by Amy B. Harris, Dylan Clark, Jamie Tarses, and Streicher herself, and the episodes of its first season have been directed by Susanna Fogel (‘The spy who dumped me’). A project full of women that talks about the problems of generation Z. How will your story continue?