The Civil Guard confined Ernesto Quintero, 41, on Wednesday meaning to earnestly remove him to Venezuela. The Venezuelan resident, a previous representative of a Brokerage House in the Creole nation, is in the Soto del Real jail, actually paralyzed by the bad dream in which the Spanish specialists have plunged him. The legal advisors have revealed to us that correct now there is no expectation, that they will extradite him to Venezuela on the primary plane. My better half is blameless, we have all the proof, we request an earnest audit of his case,” Cismary Marcano told Press.

Venezuelan gatherings today held a dissent in the region of the National Court. From that point, Marcano requested that the Spanish specialists survey her significant other’s case and evade removal. “Right up ’til today he is detained by the Government of Spain and I ask Pedro Sanchez and his whole group that, kindly, don’t remove my better half,” he said. Quintero’s better half has demanded that on the off chance that he gets back to Venezuela “he can be tormented and all the more thus, he can be executed.”

Resistance sources affirmed to this paper that the pioneer Leopoldo Lopez, banished in Madrid, keeps in touch with the experts in a last endeavor to stop the removal. As the trips among Spain and Caracas are dropped, one of the prospects that are taken care of is that Quintero is moved to Turkey and from that point travel on a customary line to Venezuela. The ideal situation of the Prosecutor’s Office went with the decision of the National High Court, which a year ago consented to the extradition asserted by Chavismo. Quintero’s allure was likewise not gone to by the Spanish legal specialists.

The Council of Ministers at long last chose to handle the removal regardless of the position against the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), which in its short featured Quintero’s family roots as well as emphasized its proposal “of no return and the satisfactory appraisal of their global insurance needs, considering the philanthropic and security circumstance in Venezuela. ” Quintero was denied shelter status for having a criminal record for his situation.

The public authority choice has been taken even though the United Nations blames the Bolivarian system for rehearsing torment, extrajudicial executions, and sexual infringement against those mistreated and confined. In Venezuela, there isn’t the smallest trace of legal freedom, an incredible opposite: judges who comply with orders from the Bolivarian pioneers. What is generally abnormal about the Quintero case is that he is a representative with no open projection when in Spain as of recently the removals of heavyweights of Chavismo, for example, Hugo “El Pollo” Carvajal, overseer of the Intelligence and Counterintelligence of the Chavismo with Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro, and the well-known attendant of the “incomparable officer”, Claudia Diaz Guillen, associated with bad and tycoon plots.

Quintero functioned as a chairman at ABA Mercado de Capitales, one of the business houses interceded by Chavez in 2010. Around then its proprietors escaped the country and were blamed for swindling more than 50 million dollars. Yet, Quintero, for a very long time, worked with state reviewers to explain the case and was perceived for it. In 2013 he proceeded with his work in another organization however in 2015 the case was resumed, in which he was before long named as a substitute. His attorneys encouraged him to leave the country before the allegations of the progressive indictment.

In February 2019, Quintero was distinguished in a control of the Municipal Police, which found that he had a red notification from Interpol. The Venezuelan required a year to demonstrate his guiltlessness to Interpol until in March of a year ago he was informed of his disincorporation from the red code. The interaction proceeded in the National Court with the outcome known. “We just have him,” Marcano whined harshly to this paper. Since her capture, she has simply had the option to address her significant other twice. “They have disclosed to us that they are treating him well,” he affirmed to Press, a clarification that nobody would give in Spain except for that in Venezuela it is needed after each capture or detainment.