The Walking Dead Season 11

The Walking Dead Season 11 teaser confirms an August release date. It will be the eleventh season of AMC’s zombie drama, as it was announced last September. The Walking Dead season 10. The show is now wrapped up with six bonus episodes.

Even though these six bonus season 10 episodes were significantly smaller than the average Walking Dead episode they managed to set some things up for season 11. As the final episode showed Negan in Alexandria, the episode directly set up a confrontation between Maggie (the former bad guy) and Maggie (the former good guy). The show’s Maggie’s return also marks the appearance of The Reapers as new villains. This was teased in episode 17. In episode 20, fans got another glimpse of the long-awaited Commonwealth. The story focused on Princess’ imprisonment at the hands of the mysterious militarized organization.

The Commonwealth will indeed be a major component of season 11, as revealed in a new video from The Walking Dead. The same video confirms that the 11th season will air on August 22, 2021. A teaser clip is also shown that a major new character will be arriving, which is familiar to Walking Dead comics fans. See the clip in the space below:

YouTube video

This teaser gives off a dark and sinister feeling. It shows a series of empty settings with voice-overs of someone being interviewed by an authoritative man. It is Mercer, the Walking Dead comic-book character. Michael James Shaw was announced to play the role. Mercer is a Commonwealth soldier who is known for his distinctive red armour and develops a friendship with Princess. A shot of red armor is shown in the teaser clip. It’s almost certainly Mercer.

Based on the events of season 10, Eugene, Ezekiel and Yumiko encountered Mercer in the last episodes. The new season will likely feature Eugene, Princess, Ezekiel and Yumiko facing Mercer. They will also be subject to a grilling similar to the one shown in the teaser. The season will likely see more major developments, including the arrival of Pamela, the iron-fisted leader of the Commonwealth. However, no casting news has been made about Pamela. The TV version of the Commonwealth is not as accurate as of the comics’ because key characters such as Rick Grimes or Michonne are absent. The TV version The Walking Dead However, it has created a possible war storyline in the Commonwealth by introducing a second sinister organization to the CRM. This will presumably bring the storyline closer together with other developments that have been teased. The Walking Dead universe All of it finally tied into the Rick Grimes movie that is on the horizon.