The Walking Dead Season 11

The Walking Dead This seems to be hinting at a crucial Michonne storyline for Season 11, with Yumiko taking Danai’s place as the swordswoman. As The Walking Dead The final season of the series is overshadowed by a tepid finale, so focus on that. The Commonwealth. Eugene was the first to discover this secretive community. A meeting was then set up. The Walking Dead Season 10’s finale (the first). What was once a meeting turned quickly into an ambush as Eugene and Yumiko were taken hostage by Commonwealth soldiers.

These prisoners are brought back to The Commonwealth by comic readers who discover they don’t follow The Walking Dead’s usual antagonistic formula. The Commonwealth is an almost-back-to normal haven with deep-seated leadership and social problems. Rick Grimes, or the closest TV equivalent, can save them. The Commonwealth story of The Walking Dead will look very different with Danai Gurira, Andrew Lincoln and Chandler Riggs (Carl Grimes all gone).

The Walking Dead Season 11

The absence of Gurira is likely to be the most felt in The Walking Dead series 11. Michonne attends Eugene’s meet-and greet in the comics. She spots herself at The Commonwealth’s gate and sees a wall with residents posting photos of loved ones lost. Elodie is a daughter Michonne assumed had died. She works at a Commonwealth baker, which helps to foster a relationship between Alexandria and The Commonwealth. However, shared interests are not the only thing that emerge. There is also an inequitable social structure and a dire need for reform. This puts Michonne as well as Elodie at forefront of this drive to make change happen.

The Walking Dead’s Michonne has moved to more Wakandan-related things. This storyline won’t be happening in season 11, however, a new promo trailer suggests that it will happen in Eleanor Matsuura’s Yumiko. The footage also includes a short shot of the Commonwealth picture walls and, as cocorosita pointed it out, a message that is barely visible reading, “have you been to my sister Miko?” Contact Tommy. It’s only a short jump from Yumiko and Miko. Other characters refer to Matsuura as this nickname, so it’s almost certain that the note was not a coincidence. Yumiko, who has played a greater role than most comic characters, is asserting herself as a Hilltop leader. It makes sense that she should be allowed to tell one of The Walking Dead‘s most important Commonwealth stories. Yumiko’s history is not fully explored, so it doesn’t affect the continuity of the show to include a long-lost sibling.

It is possible to see the future. The Walking Dead Yumiko was being prepared Michonne’s Commonwealth storyline It has been for a long time. In season 10, in a heated conversation, it was revealed that Yumiko had been Magna’s defense counsel before the outbreak. Michonne’s legal prowess earns her a position as a Commonwealth lawyer. This allows her to close the gap between mother & daughter due to their differences in social standing. Yumiko, who is going to be joining The Commonwealth’s legal benches, will enjoy the perks of her new role while Alexandria’s other visitors (and possibly even Tommy) watch in concern. It doesn’t matter what, The Walking Dead This season 11 storyline will please fans.