The Umbrella Academy Season 3

Regardless of his tragic death in The Umbrella Academy season 1, Pogo may be the key to defeating the Sparrows in season 3. Season 2 of the hit Netflix show saw the Hargreeves siblings messing with time once more. Following a series of time travel shenanigans, the group seemingly return to their time – only to discover that they’ve probably entered a fact where Vanya never killed Pogo.

In the conclusion of The Umbrella Academy season 2 finale, it has shown that the Hargreeves siblings accidentally made an alternate timeline where their father is alive and well and adopted a different set of superpowered children. Whereas the Hargreeves are known as the Umbrella Academy, these brand new siblings are called the Sparrow Academy. The next season ends on a significant cliffhanger, with all the Hargreeves attempting to come to terms with the new reality facing them.

The Umbrella Academy Season 3

The Umbrella Academy season 3 Will Probably see the Hargreeves taking on the Sparrows. While it’s not yet been confirmed if Pogo is alive or even created in this world, he could well be the key to helping them defeat the Sparrows. That’s all thanks to his link to their dad, Reginald.

The comic books and Netflix edition of The Umbrella Academy reveal that Pogo is generally involved in Reginald’s various schemes. This was evidenced early in the show when Vanya discovered that Pogo was fully aware of the truth that Reginald was suppressing her abilities. Therefore, if the Umbrella Academy can convince Pogo that they should be trusted, he can clue them in on what Reginald is planning together with the Sparrows.

The secret to getting Pogo on the primary team’s side could easily be for the Hargreeves to perform on their shared trauma. While Reginald never showed his softer side to his children, Pogo consistently expressed affection and love for the Hargreeves, arguably serving as more of a parental figure compared to his founder, likely because he knew their position far better. This is particularly true for Luther, who had the common trauma with Pogo of being experimented on by Reginald. If the Pogo in the new timeline sees the effect that Reginald has on the Umbrella Academy, he’ll undoubtedly be swayed to assist them. The Umbrella Academy season 3 probably holds many surprises – but a surprising ally for the main team might be the most pleasant twist the show has had yet.