The house specialty played against them. The Los Angeles Lakers jumped onto the Staples Center court to face the Portland Trail Blazers with the novelty of having one of their top figures, Anthony Davis, on the court after missing a game.

The duel between Lakers and Blazers that closed Monday’s day in the NBA was quite a spectacle because there were emerging figures, great absentees and, of course, LeBron James gave something to talk about. In this case, they applied their own medicine to the ‘King’ to humiliate him with two huge caps.

When LeBron goes to bed, he will have nightmares with Derrick Jones Jr. telling him: “Get out of here, you’ll sleep undercover.” The Blazers forward was the star of the caps that humiliated LeBron in the Lakers’ 107-115 loss to Portland.

James faced the basket, made a turn, and opened space, but when he was going to score two points,  Jones Jr. suddenly appeared to put a huge block to one hand that left LeBron stunned. They applied the house specialty to the ‘King’ himself.

The Caps To Lebron James In The Loss Of The Lakers With Blazers

Far from settling for the tremendous cap he gave LeBron James, Derrick Jones Jr. repeated the dose to the ‘King’, but this time the second cover was with more vehemence and two hands. Just a moment! The Los Angeles Lakers star was fouled earlier and the referees saved him from the second humiliation.