In new photos, Optimus Prime’s and Bumblebee’s vehicle forms are displayed. Transformers Rise of the Beasts. Paramount Pictures Michael Bay founded the Transformers franchise over the last almost 15 years, it has been one the most popular in the world. However, 2018’s canon and mythology will be the foundation of the franchise’s future. Bumblebeehelped to relaunch. Paramount was moved by the success of the film to begin work with themCreed IISteven Caple Jr. will produce the seventh movie in the series.TransformersFranchise.

Paramount has revealed that Transformers, a sequel to the previously announced film, is the next in a series of films it had been working on. The story will be set in 1994 and the film will star Anthony Ramos (the director) and Dominique Fishback (the producer). Transformers 7 will be the live-action debuts for different Beast Wars characters, including Optimus Primal. It will also feature some of the most recognizable Autobots like Optimus Prime (and Bumblebee). They have been the heroes in all previous Transformers movies.

Transformers has begun production. Caple Jr. is bringing his vision to life. Paramount released several details about the movie after filming started. The Transformers7 news cycle won’t end because the official details have been withheld. As filming continues, new set photographs from Transformers are being circulated online. The latest leak also features the first glimpse of Optimus Prime & Bumblebee. See the photos below shared by Cris Potter via Twitter:

Caple Jr. claimed that the G1 Transformers designs were coming back in Rising of the Beasts. This set of photos supports that claim. Bumblebee’s G1-inspired design was used in Bumblebee. He traded in the Volkswagen to get a Camaro towards the end. This is the design Bumblebee keeps in Transformers7. The Autobots look nearly the same as they did in the 2018 film. Optimus Prime has added a huge grille guard and a slightly altered silver line across its cab.

These are new photos of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee Transformers: Rise of the BeastsThis should only make the movie more exciting. Bay’s Transformer designs are loved by some, but viewers love how this movie depicts the Transformer designs.

BumblebeeThese transformations and designs were simplified. It’ll be interesting for Caple to show how he evolves the sequences of transformations in this movie, particularly withTerrorcons, Predacons, MaximalsThese characters are involved. With all these characters, there will be plenty to transform in the next movie. Fans will now have to wait and watch what Optimus Prim and Bumblebee will look like in their alternate forms. Transformers Rise of the Beasts.