Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Located on the northeast coast of the country, Barcelona is a sweet, sparkling, sizzling tinderbox of a city. The capital of Spain, Barcelona hums with energy, featuring a bustling nightlife, an exquisite culinary community, and some of the finest examples of gothic architecture in the world. It’s no wonder then that Barcelona is a major destination for any world traveler!

Because Barcelona is such a wonderfully thriving city, it can be overwhelming navigating all of the sights and sounds this city has to offer! Luckily we’ve come up with this guide to help you find your fun in the city in the sun!

Honorable Mention

Our first entry is an honorable mention because it’s not so much an activity as it is something that’ll enhance your enjoyment of everything else on this list. But we always recommend stashing your luggage at a luggage storage Barcelona. There are many locations to choose from around many major hotspots around the city, and can be easily accessed through their online reservation system! Toting around a bunch of heavy bags can be a real damper on your vacation, so our recommendation is to avoid the hassle and leave it with the professionals!

Geeking on Gaudi

Something Barcelona has long been renowned for is its stunning architecture. And out of all of Barcelona’s great classic architects, one stands high above the rest, Antoni Gaudi. Born in 1852 Antoni Gaudi has many arresting architectural feats dotted all along with the city. Perhaps his most famous one is La Sagrada Familia, his unforgettable yet unfinished minor basilica masterpiece. A masterclass in the melding of gothic and art nouveau styles. It is a truly breathtaking sight and out of all of his works listed we stress that this is the one that you can’t miss. That being said however we have some other suggestions that are sure to tickle the budding architect in you. Park Guell is a beautiful romantic spot perfect for families or young couples looking to while away the hours. Located on Carmel Hill in Barcelona this is a one-of-a-kind park that emphasizes Gaudi’s creativity and frivolity through his work. Finally, we also suggest taking a look at the Casa Batllo’. This is a renovation of an apartment complex in the center of Barcelona. Casa Batllo’s one-of-a-kind design prevalent in the decorative vine-like facade, coupled with the mushroom-like windows makes it one of the most interesting apartments you’ll ever take a tour of!

Sitting Pretty On City Beaches

The beaches in Barcelona are second to none, and with a plethora to choose from you really can’t go wrong. Barcelona’s boardwalk is legendary as it stretches the whole length of the city, and gives you a view like no other. On the boardwalk, there’s plenty to do as the beach features some of the nicest shopping in town as well as restaurants that are to die for! Though you really couldn’t make a bad call our recommendation is Sant Sabastia for those looking for a great time with tons to do!

Lose Yourself in La Boqueria

One of the truly special places in Barcelona, nothing is quite like La Boqueria. La Boqueria is nearly 400 hundred years old and features some of the richest, freshest produce you’ll ever have. Try some of the very best beers and cheeses made by artisans whose recipes date back a century or more. La Boqueria is a major stop for anyone looking to get a real taste of the city!

Catch a Game at Camp Nou

Barcelona is not only famous for its architecture and culture, but also for its historic football club FC Barcelona. Featuring some of the best players in the beautiful game, Barcelona is a tour de force in the world of football, and going to a game is an experience that’s not to be missed!

Rolling Through Las Ramblas

Now, this last suggestion may be a little touristy, but the good news is that: You are a tourist! So heading over to Las Ramblas will be just fine. Las Ramblas is an outdoor market area that passes right through the heart of Barcelona. Las Ramblas is a one-stop destination for shopping and restaurants, and you’ll even see the odd street performer or two. Though it can get a little hectic in the busier seasons, we still wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to any traveler!

Barcelona is a magical place, full of wonder and excitement that can’t be replicated in any other city. We’ve only covered a small percent of all that this majestic city has to offer, but we hope we’ve put you on the right track to basking in the beauty of Barcelona!