The Lucifer series is preparing for season 5B that could be released in early 2021, so the official Twitter account of the show seems to have dropped a surprising spoiler.

The popular Lucifer series ended the first half of its fifth season in August, leaving fans in particularly cruel suspense after a showdown between Lucifer, Amenadiel, Michael, and Maze.

But to everyone’s surprise, the almighty, God, made his appearance to interrupt the fight and express his disapproval of it.

As expected, the appearance of God could mean that we will see him for a long time, has been shown by a recent tweet from Lucifer’s official account. Look it here.

This December 3, the Lucifer series published a big spoiler on its Twitter account that has left all the fans debating about its meaning.

Some fans suggest that: “Lucifer will get his redemption from God”, but on the other side of the coin, some suggest that Michael could receive God’s punishment.