Second chapter of the DAZN series on the rivalry between Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez, Route 46-Route 93, the path of two myths addresses the origins of the man from ultradense. If images and testimonies about the Italian were offered in the first, in this second it is the Spanish’s turn. Likewise, with the pilot almost as a spectator. Logically, everything centers on Cervera.

With old photo albums and home videos. Your parents are the base. Julia remembers her first requests. He told me Dad write me the letter to the Three Wise Men, let them bring me a gasoline motorcycle, to do jumpe because I had a battery one. This with three years. They must have put some training wheels on him.  I think he said skidded earlier than dad,  he jokes. Like when Marc was born. After Barcelona’s victory in the 1992 European Cup final. It was euphoria and what happened happened. Nine months later this was born, Roser Alentá, who was a volunteer, evokes with laughter, like Julià from Moto Club Segre. Their first races arrive, with the Espargaró already present.

In promotional glasses, he did not imagine even half of what he was going to do later. Many were faster than Marc, his great evolution came when he arrived at the World Cup, says an Aleix who came out with glasses watching Pol. Right now, he will have Granollers as a teammate at Repsol Honda. I like him, but there was tension in 2010 and 2012. We couldn’t even see each other. Then, in MotoGP, you mature admits Marc. Now we get along great. Hopefully, we are fighting for the title. There will be tension but it’s normal. . We will speak the right thing because if you are not lying to him: you will tell him what he is not. It has happened to me and it happens to everyone. Then the World Cup is over and well, he adds.

His first signing arrives with the Rojas brothers, textile entrepreneurs. I will always be grateful to them, they did everything for the love of art, says Marc. It was more for the love of the sport. Did they tell us? And you didn’t sign anything for him? You’re stupid. It was something more emotional. He paid us with what he has done afterward, they reply. Pol, his partner in that first 125cc Championship in Catalonia, beat him. Marc had a hard time reaching the ground, justify the Rojas. Its size was a handicap. At the age of 17, at the World Cup, he was still changing some baby teeth, confesses the eighth champion. Doesn’t that boy grow up? Alzamora asked us, Julia says. The motorcycle was weighted down with 20 kg even at the FIM CEV. We were a bit unconscious. Perhaps that is the secret of what he achieved.

Taking it as he took it, says Jordi Castella, his mechanic then and now. Jaume Curcio, director of the Rufea circuit, where they took their first steps and are still training, explains a vital point. The key moment is when he went at speed. They began to see that this child stood out, he explains. Curcio told me that he had seen a child with a step around a curve that he had never seen before, remembers Emilio Alzamora, his manager. I see him driving for the first time in 2004 Marc was 11 years old, and we took him for Monlau in 2005, he adds. He was going like a demon on a motorcycle. Emilio always said to tell him if he had fallen while training and would appear in karting or circuit, says Castella. We always lied, confirms Marc. His fear bar is different from that of many people