The second season of the order had continued the story of the first season, it was telecasted on Netflix in the summer of 2020. As we have reached the last month of 2020, the writer of the series has confirmed that the upcoming 3rd season is canceled and that the audience should not expect another season in the coming. The audience in any way did not expect more than one season of ‘the order’, yet there came a second season this summer. The series was technically based on supernatural thrillers and drama.

The Order Season 3: Release Date

The first season of this supernatural drama was aired in March 2019 and was then followed by a second season in the following year 2020. Now, with the audience hoping for another season, the writer of the story has announced that the telecast of any further season has been canceled. We have recently received the news that the props and other costumes of the show are being sold on auction which more or less confirms that there won’t be any upcoming seasons of ‘the order’.

The Order Season 3: Cast

We see Jack Morton being played by Jake Manley and Louriza Tronco being played by Gabrielle Dupres. Katherine Isabelle has played the role of Vera Stone and Adam DiMarco has played the role of Randall Carpio. We also see Lilith Bathory and Selena Durov being played by Devery Jacobs and Kayla Heller.

The Order Season 3: Plot

 In season two we saw how Gabrielle, who was possessed by the Midnight, werewolf and had murdered Alyssa. In the end, we saw how Jack carried Alyssa’s corpse into the woods. The Vade Marcum, housed the world’s most powerful magic, and how it possessed Totem. The audience expected that Jack could somehow bring back Alyssa to life who could then bond with Alpha, another werewolf, and can thereby win over the magical opponent. But with all these expectations we come to know now that the 3rd season has been canceled and that the story ends in the second season itself.