The NBC show, The Office, is still one of the best on the network, already 15 years old. During those years, the series has had a great cast, who thanks to the series have achieved a great change in their lives.

The Office series significantly affected every one who worked on it. Especially these comedy-drama actors, John Krasinksi and Kate Flannery.

During a podcast of the program, actor Brian Baumgartner was in charge of interviewing part of the cast of the series, which the first of them was the actress, Kate Flannery.

Flannery played The Office resident drunk Meredith Palmer. While working on the show, Flannery met photographer Chris Haston.

Fortunately, the actress found the love of her life while she was working on The Office series and they are still together today.

While John Krasinski, who is now a credited filmmaker, also attributes all of his success to his role in The Office.

But the actor assured on a more personal level, that The Office gave him this “quintessential building block” on which he could stand and build for the rest of his life and career.