Ana he starts of vaccination in the United States and the rest of the world has caused great skepticism in society, which is why the NBA has raised the idea of ​​vaccinating players to raise awareness that it is safe and effective.NBA commissioner Adam Silver told a Sportivo virtual conference that he would be considering the idea to help people trust. There have been discussions.

It is something that we are particularly focused on. In the African American community, there has been a vastly disparate impact of COVID, but now, in a somewhat perverse way, there has been enormous resistance in the African American community for understandable historical reasons. If that resistance continues.

it would be a double blow for the black community because the only way out of this pandemic is to get vaccinated. The idea that celebrities, athletes, or celebrities were vaccinated and made it public was shared by the health expert Dr. Fauci, who considered that they could help more people in a situation mentioned by Adam Silver. Various public health officials and this is operating state by state at the moment have suggested that it would be a real public health benefit to vaccinate some high-profile African-Americans to demonstrate to the wider community that it is safe and effective.