At the beginning of the season, the NBA saved a wild card: it announced only the schedule for the first half of the season. There will be no All-Star, but there will be a stop as if there were. It will be from March 5 to 10. The agenda after those days is unknown and the League did well to leave it blank because everything indicates that it will need to make adjustments to locate the 14 meetings that have already been postponed due to the health protocols created to prevent the spread of the disease.

COVID-19. And the number threatens to continue increasing. The season, despite having only 72 games per franchise, is being frantic with the start delayed to December 22. The announced schedule could not be more compressed with the teams playing four games a week. It will be difficult to fit the postponements if the second part of the course is similar. The NBA has already said that it is not considering stopping the competition even though the pandemic is once again out of control in the United States.

However, it may be forced to tweak the competition system. Creating a bubble-like Disney World would be the extreme case. Of the 30 NBA teams, 19 have at least one postponed game. The worst unemployed are the Wizards, who have already had to fail four. The Celtics and Suns have not been able to play three.

Given the tight schedule, it has not even been possible to relocate the Rockets-Thunder on December 23, the first meeting postponed this season. Then another 13 have come, all since January 10. Since then, only on the 14th, all the planned meetings were held.NBA games postponed December 23: Rockets-ThunderJanuary 10: Celtics-HeatJan 11: Mavericks-PelicansJanuary 12: Bulls-CelticsJanuary 13: Wizards-JazzJanuary 13: Celtics-MagicJanuary 13: Suns-HawksJan 15: Pistons-WizardsJan 15: Suns-WarriorsJan 15: Timberwolves-GrizzliesJan 16: Suns-PacersJanuary 17: Wizards-CavaliersJanuary 17: Thunder-SixersJanuary 18: Wizards-Cavaliers