The Naked Director Season 2

Toru Muranishi, the tighty-whities-clad porndirector returns to ‘The Naked Director 2’. We see him rise to the top with a huge adult video empire. Kaoru, the titillating Kaoru Kunoki, returns as a celebrity and an advocate for Muranishi. The times are changing, and satellite broadcasting is again shaking up entertainment. To stay on top of the game, Muranishi, a prolific director of adult videos, puts his money behind the new technology. But, does it give him the ability to “rain sex from the skies” as he hopes. Let’s take an in-depth look at Muranishi’s amazing journey. Here’s the conclusion to ‘The Naked Director 2’ season 2. SPOILERS Ahead

The Naked Director Season 2 Recap

Season 2 opens with Muranishi’s adult video company Diamond Visual flourishing. Similar to its predecessor Poseidon’s, Muranishi’s company has begun producing videos with harem actresses. Muranishi, who seems distracted by the filmmaking process and appears to be unaffected by the complaints from his old AV (adult-video) store owner, contacts him to complain of the declining quality of his productions. The director becomes obsessed with broadcasting films when Mr. Honda, his banker tells him of the new satellite broadcasting technology. It is what he affectionately calls “sex raining from the heavens.”

Kaoru Kuroki has enjoyed an unprecedented rise in popularity ever since her debut. She is the first actress of adult age to receive a commercial advertisement contract. However, Kuroki feels hollow and unfulfilled by the experience. Muranishi guides her and she tries to convince him that he should make another film together. Kuroki tricks Muranishi, making her the star for his next project. This is the first sign there is a growing discord between the pornography visionaries.

Muranishi is a true entrepreneur who invests everything in purchasing a broadcasting station. Muranishi, despite his shows being a huge success and the unanticipated costs of running the station, makes him desperate for cash. Kuroki’s focus on making Diamond Visual a commercial success leads him to decide to leave Diamond Visual. Kawada (the president of the company), is also leaving Muranishi’s side.

As a last resort, Furuya, the Yakuza boss, offers money to Muranishi. The director uses the money to keep his broadcasting station afloat. Muranishi is soon left alone after his entire team abandoned him, and he finds it difficult to pay his employees or his actresses. Things turn dark when Kuroki tries suicide and jumps off her apartment balcony.

The Naked Director Season 2 Ending: Does Toshi Sacrifice Himself For Muranishi?

 The Naked Director Season 2

Kuroki is being looked after by her religious mother, who opposed Kuroki’s choice to pursue a career in adult video. Convinced that his muse has gone, he tries unsuccessfully to steal Kawada’s master tape of Kuroki’s debut tape. Furuya’s men appear at Kawada’s small video shop for adult entertainment and demand Muranishi pay back his boss’s money.

Toshi, who just got out from the dangerous and gangster’s clutches recently, finds Muranishi. At first, he attempts to kill Muranishi but eventually allows him to live. Instead, Toshi drives to Furuya’s hideout and shoots Furuya directly in the face. Furuya and his men kill him immediately. Muranishi is freed from being chased and left penniless. He takes any tapes that he has left and creates a small stand selling his videos at the station. Miyuki, one of his former actresses who recently lost her job, spots him soon.

Muranishi first asks Kuroki about her origins. The final scenes of season 2 of ‘The Naked Director’ take us back to 1994. Kuroki is now attending university, in Rome, just as she had always wanted. Muranishi lives in a small apartment with Miyuki and has taken up odd jobs to earn money. But, his penchant to direct outrageous scenes still manifests from time to time. At the moment, Muranishi is being held for filming a pornographic scene during a busy crossing.

Muranishi is now living a very domesticated existence. Toshi’s unusual actions, which eventually got the Yakuza off of the director’s back, made him live a completely different life. Toshi had initially thought of killing Muranishi. But, the shots Toshi fired at the director didn’t hit their target. Even though Muranishi thought it was an act God sent, Toshi’s expression shows that he meant to miss. Toshi decides to spare Muranishi and make a self-sacrificing act.

Toshi was flexible with Muranishi’s needs and followed the director’s orders from the beginning. The former porn mogul, who is now grieving, realizes that Toshi was his friend who introduced him porn. He then supported the director and even got involved with the Yakuza.

Toshi realizes that Muranishi won’t be around long, and Furuya’s bloodthirsty men are on his trail. Toshi decides that he must take the Yakuza boss to the Yakuza headquarters in order for his friend to survive. Toshi decides that Furuya should be killed after suffering mental torture. Toshi is also motivated by Furuya’s death, which in turn saves Muranishi.

The Naked Director Season 2

Where Does The Crew From Diamond Visual Finally End Up?

The crew of Diamond Visual – Muranishi’s growing AV production firm that was once one of Japan’s most successful – all but vanished by season 2. In each episode, we witness beloved characters such as Rugby and Mitamura leave Muranishi’s AV production company and find their way in the porn industry.

Rugby and Mitamura, two loyal technicians who double up for actors and later directors at Muranishi productions, were last seen living together. Mitamura works now as an assistant for Kawada in the adult video production company. Naoko, Muranishi’s first actress and with whom Mitamura fell in love, eventually marries a banker. Junko, a director who has always wanted to make movies, finally fulfills her dream. This is the last time we see Junko as an artful and compassionate pornography director.

Kuroki is back with her mother. It seems that she is content to be back at the household that she hated and left behind in season 1 . Her last sighting was at university in Rome. She is wearing a camera around the neck and hints at her artistic talents. Muranishi can be seen sharing a small apartment with Miyuki in a poor area. She is an adult actress who struggles to find employment. Muranishi is being harassed by people calling him a criminal and debtors, as evident by the notes he left at his front door. He seems as unabashed as usual and is determined to provide for his young children.

Why Does Kawada Have a Doll?

Kawada experiences an unusual phase after his departure from Muranishi’s business. Diamond Visual’s ex-President complains that the quality of porn is so poor that he can’t get aroused. Kawada attempts bondage and other sexual techniques to feel something. This is moderately successful. We see him assemble, clothe, and feed the doll at mealtimes. Kawada is seen carefully moving the doll from one room to another to keep him company.

Kawada’s quirky quirk isn’t noticed by the other characters, but they do look at the doll with curiosity. Kawada’s difficulty expressing himself and his love for experimental sexual practices make it seem that he is not interested in traditional relationships.

It is part of the phenomenon that has been observed in Japan. Grown men have a preference for dolls over women. They don’t want the complexity of human relationships. Kawada is most likely to find comfort in a doll that is life-sized, even though details aren’t discussed. It is significant that Kawada burns the doll at the end of season 2 shortly after returning to the porn industry. The doll serves as an effective symbol of Kawada’s helplessness, and his eventual triumph over it by opening his own production company.

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