Rawell and Rania des Anges 12 will they be in the cast of the Holidays of Angels 4? They would have signed for another show. In any case, we hope that both will not meet again Matthieu Lacroix, with whom the tone is often mounted on NRJ12 after the young man has approached Rania before falling under the spell of Angelique. For his part also the reality TV candidate begins to think about his next adventure and could be interested in the future filming of the Marseillais since he sowed the doubts concerning his participation during a question/answer session with his subscribers on Instagram.

To the question: “Would you like to remake Les Marseillais?”, the one who has already made the four hundred blows during the edition toured in South America replied seriously: “Frankly I would not say no”. So will it be heard by the production? We will have to wait to find out since the new season will not be filmed before the start of 2021. Regarding the destination, it may well be that the rates will make the trip to Dubai this time … Meanwhile, Milla Jasmine would she be in love with Nicolas Ferrero? They have posted themselves very close on social networks.