Madrid has a problem with the goal that will end up being serious if Hazard and Asensio don’t connect, Benzema can’t do everything warns ex-Madrid player Miguel Angel Portugal.

The figures prove him right. Analyzing the strikers of the 16 teams that are still alive in the Champions League the best in Europe Zidane’s team has the worst numbers.

His attacking trident that scored the most goals in all competitions the one formed by Benzema, Asensio, and Vinicius, only added 16 goals between all of them. Only Leipzig makes it worse with 14 because Angelino, their top scorer (8), is ruled out when exercising as a winger.

Casemiro Modric (4), Ramos, and Valverde (3) are being in charge of pitching in a facet where Vinícius Hazard and above all Asensio is expected. It is not a bad team, on the contrary. It attacks and generates many chances. It has Benzema, who can take the lead and score many goals, but he needs the rest of his teammates to grow there. With these numbers or he keeps the goal always at zero or it will be complicated. It is not understood that he scores so little says Paco Jemez.

Everything weighs on him the system, the players  If you don’t have a Cristiano, Haaland, Lewandowski, or Messi it’s difficult to score the goals that he did before. Atleti Barca Juve PSG all have a better forward than Madrid to which it has taken its toll that Jovic failed to settle down and that Mariano did not stand out at all. The goals are not being made by the forwards. And he is not going to sign although at least against the greats they score more than against modest ones he remembers Poli Rincon.

It is not only the number of goals scored but it is also against whom Portugal says by way of apology regarding clubs competing in lower-category leagues. He has beaten Barça and Atleti, that’s a guarantee. From the outside, Bayern has been performing for a long time but some continue to generate doubts he insists. For Tote another who knows what it is to score white goals, Dortmund has the best attack with Haaland Sancho and Reus, but if Barça gets to 90% there will be no one who can stop Messi Griezmann and Dembele together with Coutinho.

Both he and his former teammate Portillo agree that now Madrid should not sign another striker and wait for the next season although we must give confidence to Rodrygo and Vinicius, who can train the aim factor because it is something that is exercised and improved. Atleti is an example for Losada who scored as a Madridista and as a mattress player, when you don’t win it is normal for the blame to fall on the forwards.” Of course, those of Zizou should pay more attention to how those of Simeone play. “You have to make the few goals that are made profitable, as is your case. I remember many teams that scored little but went very far. For that you have to be sure back and that the game flows. But I don’t think you have to dramatize either it’s a question of streaks, “he says about a question on which Portillo agrees.

They have Suarez, one of the best in Europe. But they are joined by people of different profiles such as Llorente Carrasco Koke. That is what Madrid needs. Also, Atleti does not need so many chances to score. Suarez almost does not intervene in the game, but 90% of those that fall he puts them in. Not everyone can boast of having someone like that, recalls the legend, Gara

The statistics reveal precisely that the Bavarian trident is the most fearsome (38), followed by PSG (35) and Juve (32). He is the strongest not only because of the numbers or because of Lewandowski’s streak, but also because there are alternatives with Sané, Coman, and Gnabry. Whoever plays does it well. It helps the inconsistency that has caused Neymar’s injury, the change of coach, and the different tactical systems at PSG. Liverpool is checking how their trident is already too well known and Premier teams, based on retreat, have caused Mane, Firmino, and Salah to appear worldly, says David Fernandez, football expert International on Radio MARCA.

The lack of liquidity has caused the market to freeze and it is almost unfeasible for the majors to acquire new gunmen. Although, as Poli Rinon recalls, some like Madrid or Atleti have allowed themselves to get rid of Jovic or Costa. Time will make the statistics good or bad, but when push comes to shove is when the best score goals. That is why for me, Despite current numbers, Madrid is still the favorite for the Champions League.