Volcanic activity in “The island of temptations.” So far we have only documented fingering and innuendo, and a kiss in the heat of a game. But the passionate kisses have already begun. The red lines have been crossed. The boys, who until now were somewhat lethargic, have taken action. This is the telegram of the night:

a) Marina, Jesus’ girlfriend, kissed .
b) Diego, Lola’s partner, made out with a couple of temptresses, while his girlfriend continues fooling around –for now just that– with the Italian.
c) Manuel, Lucia’s waiter, got out of hand and kissed, conscientiously, a couple of girls who lead him down the path of sweetness.
d) Lara, Hugo’s girlfriend, puts eyes on the tempting newcomer.

Conclusion: herd infidelity is closer in “The island of temptations”, to which two protagonists of the first edition have been incorporated: Ruben – the one who revolutionized the island by goring Christofer – and Fiama – who ended their relationship with Alex after passing through the Dominican arena–. More fuel for the fire. Marina and Jesus: the wolf threat After watching last night’s program, we do not rule out that Jesus has called his lawyers to study the possibility of taking legal action against the editors of “The Island of Temptations.” It is true that in the images that happened to Marina at the stake, he looked like a true cretin, like a pimp-series B pools, but it is no less so that the selection was made in very bad faith. He blurted out like “in times of war all holes are trenches”, “why do I come here, to play marbles?”, “I don’t close any doors” or “we’re going to be a bit of a dog.

In reality, Jesus’ behavior in Villa Playa conforms to the saying “barking dog, little biter.” But seeing that succession of stupid things that came out of his mouth, it could be deduced that he was a firm candidate to star in the remake of “Be unfaithful and do not look with whom. He is not the fool you thought yourself to be , added fuel to the fire from her villagers. What they did not know is that the images were cheating. And they all fell into the trap. “Do not draw early conclusions,” Sandra Barneda advised the five brides after that first female bonfire. But they had already drawn early conclusions. They had already elevated the anecdote to category.

They had already judged Jesus as a search for entry or, in their own ordinary words, for a trench. When it was a bitchy barking dog. It matters little because we fear that Marina has already decided to change her mammal: from dog to wolf. I did not imagine him so open. I thought he was in love with me “, finally sentenced his girlfriend, so quick to flirt as to conclude. He saw in these statements of Jesus a gateway to infidelity, his best alibi, the definitive push towards “The Wolf.” Don’t worry, I’m going to be a bitch too. I’m going to have a great time too, ”she threatened as if until then she had behaved with the virtue of a novice.

He went from words to deeds: he went back to Villa Montaña after the girls’ bonfire and started fooling around with “El Lobo” Isaac in the pool. When we get into the pool it is pure fire. I’m always putting the brakes on, but there comes a time when you can’t take it anymore and you have to do it, “the girl advanced. And so it was: he did. For now, he only kissed, but all of us who do not live on La Isla de la Inopia –that territory in which Telecinco debates move– know that things will go much further. Lola and Diego: they don’t waste time At the boys’ bonfire, Diego learned of the thoughts and adventures of his girlfriend in Villa Montana.

The thoughts left him in a bad place: that if he ties her too short, that if they do not travel except to see his family and, high alert, that he is very worried about who of the two will stay with the dog they share, Horus, in case of separation. As for the adventures, he saw her putting eyes on the Italian Simone. “I do not like that it is so smart,” judged the boyfriend of the transalpine threat. Diego did not like what he saw or what he heard. She took advantage of the images to describe her partner as a crybaby and lazy because she doesn’t like sports “and she spends the day lying on the couch.” And he made it clear who the pet is: The dog is in my name. Now that he’s getting involved with this guy? Well, the dog stays with me, ”he announced. “As there is a kiss, forget about the dog,” he threatened.

We know that the dog has not been forgotten. What she forgets at times is that she has a partner. Upon returning to Villa Montaña after the bonfire of the girls, the Italian was caught so dancing that the Light of Temptation ended up sounding, which we understand something exaggerated as if you were sentenced to jail time for skipping a pedestrian crossing. Afterward, they were touching in the pool, giving kisses and the light of yore did not sound. We assume that the person responsible for activating it caught this moment in the toilet. “I’d like to do everything with him,” Lola confessed to the camera, announcing that a storm of sheets is coming into her room. Or in the Italian. Nor do we put our hands on fire for Diego. Considering what he has seen, they seem to have wanted to anticipate, that is, to hit before being hit. First, she let Paloma lick her neck, and then, without any regard, she planted a three-second peak at another single woman, Carla.

It was, it is true, during the “Truth or Dare?” The game, yes, but it was also quite a declaration of intent. Rather a bullfighter than a bull, Diego said to himself. Lucia and Manuel: unchained boyfriend Speaking of horns: “I am not the cuckold from” The Island of Temptations “, Lucia announced before her first bonfire. Never say never again, that film was titled, and that is something the young woman should have applied. It was like invoking temptation, it was like those players who touch the cup before the final and beat their team. In this case, the team consisted of two (Lucia and Manuel) and it was she who beat him.

At the girls’ bonfire, he pouted when he saw the images of Manuel, her boyfriend, grabbed by a temptress named Stefany. “Do you think Manuel has feelings for Stefany?” Sandra Barna asked, always ready to put sea salt on the wound, even if there was little or no blood. Feelings, no. Feelings low, “Lucia replied very angrily. He doesn’t deserve to have me. I behave very well with him for the shit he does with me, “the girl said, but, unlike Lola or Marina, she did not announce retaliation in the form of horns. Simply because Lucia, and that is obvious, is not Lola or Marina. It is, let’s say, more candid.

In the candid category, the boyfriends do not put Fiama, who was the temptress who joined the boys’ village in yesterday’s episode. She participated in the first edition, to which she came from the hand of her boyfriend Alex, whom she was going to marry. “It didn’t work out,” he reminded the forgetful. No, it was fatal: nowadays they do not speak. Manuel, Lucia’s boyfriend, had commented with the other boys that Fiama was tinkering with him. And that he did not even know he was going to drop there. “It can revolutionize the chicken coop a bit,” Hugo announced about the new temptress, who from minute one began to mark Manuel. At the night party, they were seen very loose. “What’s it like having two girlfriends?” Fiama asked him at one point. The funny thing is that between the two brides he did not include the one who really is, but rather referred to the two temptations of the boy in Villa Playa, Stefany, and herself.

Manuel first kissed the newcomer secretly and then the other in front of everyone. Jesús, who continues to be the top candidate for the Christopher Award in this edition, wanted to stop that bacchanalia and took it aside: “You got involved with two in the same night,” he reproached as if Manuel did not know that one plus one are two.

The fact is that the alarm went off – this time with all the reason in the world – in Villa Montana, where Lucia had a terrible feeling. That it was Manuel who had made the light of temptation jump on both occasions. And he started to cry. They call it female intuition. And last night we had one more proof that it exists. Lara and Hugo: Rubén, for the double
The editors also sowed weeds between Hugo and Lara. They showed the worst face of the boy. A loose phrase addressed to single women: “I don’t think about her with you.” A confession, speaking of one of the single women, amid the laughter of her bonfire companions.

“For one night, Lara was stunned More than for me, I feel sorry for him. Makes me sick”. Again the hasty conclusion, the fruit of the video’s trompe l’oeil. Again the assemblers adding fuel to the fire. Those who chose to highlight two nonsense by Hugo but did not spend a second of that other intervention (which we saw in chapter two) in which the Galician cries while declaring his love and the “homelessness” he feels for not being able to see her.

Lara returned to Villa Montana disgusted and her face of disgust was not removed until she saw the new tempter arrive. Diego, a 29-year-old photographer from Pontevedra, left first, and only Lara cried for him, like a peasant. His disgust did not last long. The time it took to get out of the hedges, like a Homer Simpson meme but the other way around, Ruben. This was how he presented himself: “I had a story with Fani in the first edition that didn’t work out in the end.” What modesty. He could have said that it caused a bonfire – more than a bonfire, a great fire, devastation – that had a Champions League final audience, which is something Fani boasted about in “Survivors”. But not.

I come with a lot of desire. Let’s see if I can go out with someone by the hand, “announced the ex-footballer. Sandra Barna asked him if he had already had his eye on someone. “Lola and Lara,” he replied, claiming that he likes “brown-skinned” girls. He was just in time to get into the dating round. Lara was surprised to choose it. In Galician, there is an expression that sums up what happened to Rubén with Lara. This is how Hugo’s partner justified their surprising decision: “It’s to get to know him a little more.” Know him? Could it be that he went to “The Island of Temptations 3” without having seen “The Island of Temptations 1”?

They didn’t even wait for the appointment. At the night party, Lara and Rubén were already so intimate that the Galician made a confession of those that you only make to your best friend or to someone you are throwing chips at. “I’m not happy”. “Lara, get smart,” he advised, always thinking – who could think otherwise – in the interest of that girl he had just met a while before and of whom he had already made a vital diagnosis.

Ruben, a former soccer player, has come to the island to do a double. It is a television milestone that Oscar has already achieved, who triumphed with both girlfriends in the first two editions. It blew me up inside,” Claudia sentenced after hearing and seeing her Raúl at the stake. Why this inner unease? Well, because she saw a video and interpreted that her boyfriend claimed to be “hot.” Let’s clarify the context. I was in the heated pool, surrounded by single women in thongs, with a glass in hand.

The context invited us to remove crumbs, to avoid dramatization, that is, to act contrary to how the girl did.No, it wasn’t the thing to get like that. To get busted inside. To cry before Sandra Barneda and half Spain. If Raúl had had heat with a single woman, his reaction would have been understood, but there was none of that. Here the crime was an alleged verbal fever. The girls from Villa Montaña set the bar at the height of the big toe, and thus there is no boyfriend who passes the demanding ITV that is “The island of temptations.” In any case, and as it is, Raul and Claudia are the last hope for those who believe in fidelity, the amorous “Robinsons” of “The Island of Temptations.”