The Irregulars Season 2

Season 1 of Netflix’s The Irregulars was filled with many intriguing twists as Dr. Watson’s (Royce Pierreson) team of misfit teens helped him uncover the secret about the Rip that was leaking supernatural energy into the Victorian-era London. But it was not an easy battle, as they needed to stop the barbarous Linen Man from using a portal site to become a demigod, while having to prevent Bea’s mother, Alice, by maintaining the rift open in hopes of being reunited with her women.

With that in mind, here are the loose threads that could be utilized in The Irregulars Season 2.

The Linen Man’s Son

The Linen Man used Bea’s sister, Jessie, to come across the rift and exploit its power. He had been a psychic just like her, but rather than kill her if he got the information he wanted, the Linen Man left Jess alive, as he intended to have his mysterious kid in Louisiana have children with her, and thus yielding a family of powerful psychics. Seeing as the tyrant expired, Season two can revolve around the son coming over to England to find the wife he was promised. After all, he may see her as his birthright, so that he can bring over powered-up loved ones and friends to finish the assignment his daddy began.

Finding Sherlock And Alice

The Irregulars Season 1 showed that Sherlock fathered Jessie with Alice when she worked cases with him and Watson. Thus, Season 2 can dissect Watson and Jessie trying to bring them over from this dark dimension. Watson opened the hole years back with a relic so they could seek out people or other things to help go in and pull them back again. This could be a great way for Watson to find closure on his feelings for Sherlock, permitting him, Alice and the girls to unite. Jessie would need Alice to help hone her powers, after all, while Sherlock could once more help the team at 221B Baker Street explore cases, making amends for his last as he left the assignment when Alice”died” to turn into a junkie.

The Irregulars Season 2

The Golden Dawn

Sherlock’s brother, Mycroft, is part of an occult gang called the Golden Dawn, who investigate supernatural scenarios. This is a superb opportunity for Mycroft to help Bea become a proper detective by working for them, as she’s shown enormous potential. With no Sherlock in his lifetime, Mycroft does have to fill that gap, Bea she can be his purpose. Bea did not understand her daddy, and dropping Alice took a toll, so this further strengthens their father-daughter-like bond. What’s intriguing is Mycroft’s team also have a sinister air to them, and seeing as they have ties to the government, Bea could expose a lot of conspiracies and cover-ups the more she works to them.

The Love Drama

The sickly prince Leo left Bea to return to the Queen and wed his cousin. He did not wish to proceed, but it was a condition the Royal Family caught him with if Billy were to move free for murdering an aide. The Irregulars Season 2 can dissect Leo and Bea still having feelings for one another. In addition, Billy needs love with Bea, so if Leo is not around, he can get his chance.

Spike and Jesse also appear to have romantic feelings for each other, so it’ll be interesting seeing him continuing to be her keeper since the staff attempts to push her abilities. This could cause conflict and also a civil war at home since Spike won’t want her risking her life, and Jess may see value in leaving this harmful life behind for Spike.

Made by Tom Bidwell, The Irregulars stars Thaddea Graham as Bea, Darci Shaw as Jessie, Jojo Macari as Billy, McKell David as Spike, Harrison Osterfield as Leopold, Royce Pierreson as Dr. Watson and Henry Lloyd-Hughes as Sherlock Holmes. The Irregulars is available now on Netflix.