We have loads of questions regarding Janine, but it resembles what June will eventually get from Gilead on The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4, Episode 6. What is going to stop this time?

From the voucher for the new installment, June calls outside for Janine. It does not seem like she is likely to find her, however. That does not mean Janine is lifeless, but it may mean something awful for Janine later on. There’s still a prospect of locating Janine. Maybe somebody else came across her and got her to safety.

The major focus at the moment is on Moira becoming June from Gilead. Not everybody is prepared to get June out. They are really on a humanitarian mission, and that will mean not carrying refugees. Should they choose refugees, it might indicate no diplomatic missions again. That may put a halt to Moira becoming June from Gilead.

However, if June remains, she is going to expire. There’s simply no way that the Commanders will need June to stay alive after all of the trouble she has caused them. Commander Lawrence and Nick are not likely to have the ability to save her time.

Will June remain for Hannah on The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4, Episode 6?

June does not wish to leave just yet, however. She wants to Hannah and receives Hannah from Gilead. People who’ve read The Testaments will understand how Hannah’s Story goes from the source material.

The issue with attempting to get to Hannah is that the Commanders will anticipate June to go after her. Everybody expects her to Move after Hannah. June has shown that she’ll betray her folks for the daughter.

So, will Moira talk her from remaining? Can we eventually get to view June’s step on Canadian soil? There’s hope with this particular episode.

Can you believe June will cross into Canada on The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4, Episode 6? Can something retain her in Gilead? Share your ideas in the comments below.