In one of the episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale, Serena Joy (played by Yvonne Strahovski) pressured June (Elisabeth Moss) to do as she was told by ensuring that baby Nichole was returned to Waterfords. The couple had a tense confrontation at the Lincoln Memorial before the Waterfords issued a public call for their daughter to return.

Reflecting on the scene, Elisabeth explained how she finds the similarities between the Hulu series and real life so “daunting.” She further added that the scene between June and Serena Joy was “sacred and special” due to its location.

Fans know that Serena Joy is currently incarcerated in Canada for her crimes at Gilead, including forcing June to have sex with Nick Blaine (Max Minghella), which resulted in the birth of Nichole. It remains to be seen if Serena Joy will manage to evade justice or if June’s husband, Luke (OT Fagbenle), who is in Canada, will retain custody of Nichole.

Unfortunately, it might not be good news for June as fans have pointed out a way that Serena Joy could be considered innocent, fans will recall that June asked Serena Joy to give her a tape of her talking to Luke when she went. to Canada to visit Nichole. On the tape, June explained that she had found love with Nick and that Nichole was born out of love and hoped Luke would care for her until they could be reunited.

Likewise, Luke has custody of the tape, but if Serena Joy found out about its contents, she could demand that he hand it over to her for evidence. It’s worth noting that Serena Joy isn’t June’s biggest fan, so you may have heard the tape already and know that would help.

Likewise, a user of the social network Reddit commented how the tape could change the destination of the plot:

Could June inadvertently be the reason why Serena Joy will manage to evade justice and take custody of Nichole? Joking about things to come, Elisabeth recently revealed that she is “happy” with June’s story. On the other hand, Moss explained that:

All fans know is that June will fight with the Resistance to try to defeat Gilead from the inside out, though she has a gunshot wound that she will need to recover from first. Don’t forget that seasons 1-4 of The Handmaid’s Tale can be viewed on Amazon Prime Video and Now TV.