Canucks have continued to penetrate the gambling industry, with most players appearing as the highest-ranked gamblers in the world. Since gambling is a recent industry, not many know of famous Canadian players making a difference on the gambling front.

Upon closer inspection, you will find Canucks that enjoy the best no deposit bonus casino Canada, make excellent money, and sharpen their skills in regular gambling competitions or online. This is especially following the poker boom after 2000, the relaxed gambling laws for both land and online-based casinos, and the growth in gambling technologies. As a result, Canadian players have been on the rise. Here is a list of the most significant Canadian players of all time!

  • David Baazov
  • Guy Lailberté
  • Evelyn Ng
  • Daniel Negreanu
  • Michael McDonald

David Baazov

David Baazov is famous for starting and running a successful gaming company named Amaya Gaming Group. As the current CEO, the professional poker player can be described as a great businessman. The company represents one of the” most successful” online gambling firms and the “Largest” globally! He is the current owner of the popular gaming rooms “PokerStars” and “Full Tilt Poker” in Canada. Forbes Magazine, back in 2014, described him as the youngest “Online Gambling King!” Is he wearing an evil eye bracelet to protect himself from the bad energy of all his haters? His success is amazing.

David Baasov was born in Israel but immigrated to Montreal, Canada, where he grew up. Coming from a Jewish home, it isn’t easy to reconcile Jewish culture and beliefs with the current poker professional. At 16, he gave up Judaism and, as a result, was thrown out of his home. However, he was good at maths, and a breakthrough came after being asked to work at the Montreal Public Library. According to rumors, the contract he signed for this project was worth $20 million, which led to his decision to venture into poker and become a software developer. Thus, he developed his Electronic poker table, which is how Amaya, the company started! With a continuous source of income, he ventured into gaming and is one of the best poker players in Canada today!

Guy Lailberté

Guy Lailberté is famous for his “Philanthropic or Charitable” works. The renowned poker player was born in Quebec back in 1959. First, he ventured into Cirque du Soleil in 1984 and made a fortune over time. The Canadian government developed a sponsorship urging the company to spread over other cities. However, he later resurfaced in Las Vegas as a poker player and collected winnings totaling $696,220 at the Bellagio! As a result, he received an invite to the GSN High Stakes for Season 4 after winning in 2007. The win earned him the fourth position in the Bellagio World poker tour. Even with incredible wins, the poker player has suffered a total of $31 million throughout his gaming life, according to the playing online poker.

However, his philanthropic acts during this period have made him a player worth noting and celebrating in Canada. In 2012, Guy Lailberté made a considerable contribution to the One Drop Foundation by purchasing one million dollars worth of tickets to the World Series Poker tour held in 2012. The proceeds of the time were to go to the charitable foundation. A total of $5,333,328 went to the foundation after 48 players competed in the game!

Evelyn Ng

Evelyn Ng is one of the best female players to grace the gambling world and become an iconic female player. The professional player takes her online and offline gambling seriously and has gathered $375,000 playing live poker. The win earned her the second-best position during the World Poker Tour Ladies Night. Since then, the sensational ladies poker player and professional has been making news after beating the world’s best female players, including “Kathy Liebert, Jennifer Harman, and Annie Duke.”

Her popularity hit the gambling industry in 2010, during the WSOP tour, where she managed to get the 238th position out of the 6844 poker participants. Her aggressive gaming style is one factor that makes her a sensational player in the world and in Canada. She is a well-known “PokerStars” player and has enjoyed continuous sponsorship by the gambling company. However, the contract ended after she joined the Bodog, a team of poker experts in the country. Plus, she has been rumored to date the famous and accomplished poker player Daniel Negreanu at some point in her gaming career!

Daniel Negreanu

David Negreanu is the “Most Accomplished” poker player in Canada. Apart from owning 6 bracelets from different WSOP tournaments, he has two World Poker Tour titles and an award from the famous “Card Player Magazine” in 2014. He can be said to be the “best poker player in Canada.” Negreanu follows a colorful but straightforward gaming style, giving his opponents and fans a relaxed vibe. However, when he hits a winning combination, it becomes a sensation. His laid-back nature adds to his popularity as a poker player, and the strategy seems to work well for him throughout his remarkable career! Negreanu has earned $42 million in his gaming and poker playing career, apart from the above titles and awards.

Negreanu is in the “Team Poker Stars Representatives,” which makes him one of the best in the world. His exploits on live casino gaming tables and other online casino games have further advanced him into a modern poker player and not just an all-time favorite! Currently, he is the face of the Pokerstars gaming team. His charisma, laid-back style, and ability to reel in fans are reasons he got this post, in addition to his gaming skills.

Michael McDonald

Michael McDonald banked a casino win of $10 million, making him the third-best player in Canada back in 2011. Michael is probably the youngest amongst the best Canadian gamblers of all time to bag and take home winnings worth $300000 before attaining the age of 18. Although he missed the first position during the EPT in 2014, Michael became the runner-up and bagged $1 million. He has one EPT title and can be considered one of the best, with lifetime wins adding to $14 million.


The greatest Canadian players list players who enjoy the classic poker game. However, these players enjoy the classic brick-and-mortar poker and all-new live casino and online casino game versions. Other famous players like Jaime Staples and John Lefebvreshould make this list, and David Baazov, Guy Lailberté, Evelyn N, Daniel Negreanu, and Michael McDonald. The list makes up the greatest Canadian gamblers of all time!