The singer David Bustamante and the athlete Ana Peleteiro had complained in previous galas of the judges of ‘The Challenge’, but nothing compared to the tension that was experienced last night between Agatha Ruiz de la Prada and Juan del Val, the most controversial member – a Risto ‘light’ – of a Sanhedrin completed by Tamara Falcó and Santiago Segura. The challenge for the designer was to imitate the opening scene of the film ‘La La Land’. In previous programs, she had complained about the tests that required physical effort, as she considers herself allergic to sport. This challenge had more to do with coordination and attitude. Both attributes were, for example, the performance of Jorge Brazalez weeks ago, when he emulated Beyonce.

Before the challenge, things didn’t look so bad. She is a ‘superfan’ of ‘La La Land’. It is one of the films that I have liked the most in recent years. I went to see it in January 2017, when I had just got divorced, and I had one of the most romantic moments of my entire life when I went to see this movie, “he said. Also, there was something of a childish dream about the challenge: “I would have loved to be a dancer.” The ‘El Desafío’ teachers, who helped her in rehearsals, had good vibes. ‘Makes it great. He has been full of the dancers, ”said one of them. “He has worked very hard,” praised the other. But the protagonist feared something because she set the bar very low: “I am satisfied with not being the last.” There are eight contestants and, therefore, signed to be seventh in the gala. Until tonight, I was fifth in the general classification, so it was all about saving the furniture.

The failure was resounding: stiff, uncoordinated, on his ball. The song, on the one hand; lips, on the other. The dancers, to a beat; her, to another. There was applause – as they always sound at the end of the numbers – but they sounded more than ever courtesy. Any objective observer knew that it had gone fatal. What has happened is not ‘how good’. It has been the complete opposite of ‘how good’ ”, Juan del Val insisted later. I did it for fun. I don’t know how to sing or dance , the designer ended up apologizing. It was the worst-rated of the eight at last night’s gala, Only four units.

I have tried to ‘agatized’ the matter, and make a bit of a comedy because the song was impossible for me to learn, “explained the designer, who dropped a” Juan does not like my clothes. I love your clothes; and you, too, “replied the writer. “It is not noticeable, it is not noticeable,” answered the bottom of the gala.Threat of abandonment, The controversy has transcended the limits of the program. Agatha Ruiz de la Prada revealed to Press this week that Nuria Roca’s husband had “behaved very badly” with her. “He got very rude and terrible with me. Everyone was amazed at his departure in tone. His head went off and it seems that the way he wanted to stand out from the rest was by insulting me. I didn’t look at him again. He knows that he behaved very badly and passed seventy towns .

“He is not funny or intellectual, I prefer Jorge Javier,” he told this newspaper. She threatened to leave ‘El Desafio’, even though a contract tied her to the program until the end, and her unilateral termination could have caused an economic and judicial breakdown. Finally, it was Jorge Salvador (director of ‘El Desafio’ and also of ‘El Hormiguero’) who convinced her not to leave and continue participating. Juan del Val has also spoken a posteriori on the controversy. “I felt bad because they had never hated me, but I am not going to be tempted to play the victim, because I have no reason to be. She decided to get angry, I think in a quiet overactive way because she had an illusion in the dance, and let’s say it came out a little imperfect, “she told the aforementioned magazine of the heart.