Victoria Abril. Snapshot of strain. What might the entertainer be prepared to do since she denies so a lot thus determinedly? The 2021 Feroz Awards release began as though it were a ‘thrill ride. All anticipating the pits that the Feroz de Honor Prize opens afterward. The blood didn’t arrive at the slows down where the Minister of Culture was. The way that he went in front of an audience without experiencing honorary pathways, all things being said, helped a great deal.

Furthermore, finished the viral tension the other one showed up, the genuine one, to affirm ‘The young ladies as the film of the period. For crafted by Pilar Palomero or, even better, for her only, were the most noteworthy honors movie course and content. All yours. The film that was introduced at the Berlinale a year ago along these lines finishes, sitting tight for what happens this end of the week at the Goya, an excursion that is something beyond splendid. He additionally succeeded at the Malaga Festival and in the last Forqué.

At the Coliseum Theater in Madrid, and with the due enemy of Covid and against April safety measures the honors conveyed by the Association of Cinematographic Informants of Spain (AICE) changed on Tuesday the conventional setting of tables with wine (a ton) for that of the crowd with covers (all). Also in that way, a pleasant show was refined yet without the solid wrath of different years, and insightful without rankling anybody. Not nitwits. Entertainer Pilar Castro in the part of the speaker was found as a stand-up liberated from rivals and a translator fit for adjusting to any sloppy landscape that emerges. Something beyond splendid.


In the arrangement section, the one picked was ‘ Anti-revolt ‘. Rodrigo Sorogoyen accordingly figured out how to revalidate the honor he previously got for ‘ The realm’ in 2019, however on the opposite side, that of the TV. His, likewise, were the notices of Hovik Keuchkerian as best entertainer shared ‘ex aequo’ with Eduard Fernández, for ’30 coins’, by Álex de la Iglesia, and that of best auxiliary for Patrick Criado. It is as yet inquisitive that the person who is truly well in the arrangement, the entertainer Vicky Luengo, was the person who was left without remuneration. In his release, it should be said that Elena Irureta grabbed the statuette from him, the exceptional and indispensable Bittori from ‘ Patria ‘. Aitor Gabilondo’s arrangement on Fernando Aramburu’s epic additionally won the supporting entertainer grant: Loreto Monleon.

The remainder of the film prizes were conveyed like stones in a decent (or awful, contingent upon what you look like at it) lottery. The best parody of the year was on the whole reasonableness Rosa’s wedding’, by Iciar Bollain. Furthermore the rest all assortment. Not a solitary one of the honors from the content to underneath was rehashed in a similar film. The one picked in the classification of best entertainer, how is it possible that it would be something else, was Patricia Lopez Arnaiz for her work at the constraint of all strength and all vertigos in Ane by David Perez Sanudo. The entertainer named for the third time in the Feroz (which he as of now is) as the most devoted of the year was Mario Casas for his work in You won’t kill by David Victori. for his own in Los Europea by Víctor Garcia Leon, and for Verónica Echegui for the person who plays in Explota by Nacho Alvarez, not via Carra. Baby by Juanma Bajo Ulloa was recognized as the music of the period Rifkin’s Festival by Woody Allen (which, as in the HBO narrative, didn’t show up either), as the banner of the year and of  Lamentable Stories by Javier Fesser, columnists kept the trailer.

For the rest, and without culpable anybody, the most intriguing of the whole celebration stayed in the unreasonably subtle, not undetectable classifications. The time of revelation by Luis Lopez Carrasco was named the narrative of 2020 and likely the title misses the mark. The narrative of the decade suits him better. Furthermore considerably more. Interestingly a true-to-life film additionally decided to be the best film without more and last names and that gives a thought of ​​the pertinence of a creation that needs to be and is the most ideal perusing of the present from an earlier time. The extraordinary notice, that got by the movies that the jury chooses would have merited more was for’My Mexican Bretzel by Nuria Gimenez. Furthermore, once more, the notice misses the mark. This astonishing antique is so unfathomable that it has left the watermark in 2020.

For what it’s worth, the ardent reflection made by The young ladies of the B-side of that astonishing year 1992 that made a huge difference stays to be recollected. What’s more Victoria Abril’s disavowal, regardless of the amount it gauges as well.