Netflix canceled Anne With an E season 4, but the story was still available. There are many fans disillusioned with the lack of a continuation to the story. Amybeth McNulty the protagonist finally spoke up and delighted the fans.

The actress became fond of her character, and the story, after she suffered from a lot of abuse and discrimination in her childhood. The New York Times interviewed Amybeth McNulty, and she shared some of her confessions.

“When you turn 14 or 15, you feel insecure. I was watching TV so people were judging me. I felt lost and was anxious. But I was able to get through it thanks to the strength, toughness, and unforgiving character that Anne played. She stated that Anne restored the strength I lost and gave me a new lease of life.

Her comments about the fandom of the series were: “We wanted to have conversations with families about what they’d seen.” It was also viewed by young girls, so I felt that I had a responsibility to accurately portray them. ”

She then spoke out about whether there would ever be a fourth season. Everything happens for a reason, but I believe it. At the moment, there are no plans to start a new season. “