The Flash season 7 Episode 14 ended up lacking Barry Allen, Iris West Allen nearly for the whole episode. The Flash season 7 finale wraps up the New Forces storyline. This means that there might be additional stories to discover, even if there are just a few more episodes. The Flash season 7, which was filmed for 18 episodes due to the pandemic in the Arrowverse, maybe the shortest Arrowverse drama.

The New Forces saga is much longer than the impending Godspeed storyline. The Flash season 7, together with Cisco Ramon’s exit, has been doing “Interlude” episodes. In episode 14 of “Rayo de Luz”, Allegra Garcia was portrayed as Esperanza (a.k.a. Ultraviolet is back in the picture.

Although that did happen, Barry, Iris, and Iris are often absent. The previous explanation at the episode’s beginning stated that Barry and Iris had taken a vacation. Barry was able to confirm the story, but Iris wasn’t there this week.

Although Candice Patton is The Flash’s lead, Grant Gustin was also there. However, Eric Wallace, the showrunner, discovered that this type of absence was deliberate.

Wallace spoke to Insider about the blessings that come with having this large solid. He said that it allows many episodes per season and gives more attention to the assisting members. Gustin, Patton, and Rayo de Luz were able to take a break after the showrunner made remarks about how difficult a manufacturing process like The Flash is. The tale allowed them to cross on vacation but it also allowed Allegra to share her story with The Flash season 6.

The Flash season 7 Barry, and Iris

Although it might seem like a joke to viewers, it’s important to not forget how much labor goes into making a big TV show like The Flash. It should run for at least nine months, which is roughly the same as 12 months. This is because collection regulars often film 20 episodes or more. Flash season 7 had the additional assignment of filming during a pandemic. It is both physically and mentally difficult.

Episode 14 is a lot like The Flash season 6, episode “Kiss Kiss Breach Breach Breach,” where Cisco was highlighted while Barry and Iris took a ride before Crisis on Infinite Earths. The Flash season 7, episode 14 “Rayo de Luz”, was transformed into the modern-day installment in consciousness by one of the more recent characters.

Chester and Cecile had unmarried episodes, in which their characters were fleshed out. This blessing is especially important after Cisco and Harrison, two solid members who made an exceptional contribution to the collection, retired in advance of The Flash season 8.

The Flash wouldn’t allow modern characters to create and feature backstories if they didn’t. This would result in them being one-dimensional and not making for good television. There are 4 episodes left in The Flash Season 7. It’s safe to say Barry, Iris, and their future children, XS & Impulse, can be at the forefront.