It is a progression of Mexican web TV spine-chiller dramatization delivered for Netflix by Argos Comunicación. The arrangement stars Maite Perroni, Jorge Poza, Regina Pavón, Alejandro Spitzer, and Erik Hauser The creation start was affirmed on May 6, 2019, and it was debuted on July 15, 2020.

On account of its incredible achievement, the arrangement was restored for a second season on August 19, 2020, booked to debut in 2021. Dim Desire season 1 was additionally reported as the most-viewed non-English title with 35 million watchers in 28 days.

Release Date

Regardless of whether Dark Desire will be back for a subsequent season is obscure, yet provided that this is true, due to the Covid pandemic, we’re probably not going to see it for quite a while. Creation on the principal period of Dark Desire began in May 2019, with the arrangement appearing in July 2020, so if a similar time scale were to be applied to the subsequent season, the most ideal situation: the second period of Dark Desire could be on Netflix before the finish of 2021.


In the event that Dark Desire returns for season two, Maite Perroni will very likely re-visitation of play Alma Solares, as will Alejandro Spitzer (Dario Guerra), Erik Hauser (Esteban), and Regina Pavon (Alma’s little girl Zoe). Since Alma and Leonardo have isolated, we can’t state without a doubt whether Jorge Poza will return to replay his job as the double-crossing ex of Alma, yet on the off chance that Season Two is as show filled as the Last, he will undoubtedly be associated with the wreck at any rate. It’s improbable María Fernanda Yepes will return for season two as her character Brenda passed on in season one.


 Toward the finish of the primary season, we found that the demise of Brenda was self-destruction, as she couldn’t proceed with an issue with the spouse of her closest companion while the man she adored (Esteban) was enamored with his sister-in-law(Alma). We may investigate the result of Brenda’s self-destruction in the following arrangement, particularly as Alma will feel her misfortune incredibly.

We likewise observed Alma at last separate before the finish of the period from her better half Leonardo, which means the lawful expert is authoritatively single. Could Dario, whose previous fire we currently know is as yet alive, return in her life? Regarding the matter of Dario, after arranging the homicide of Jose Luis Valdez, the finish of the arrangement one saw him and his sidekick Esteban on run. What is Dario going to do with his life since he has acquired a fortune from his granddad? I am certain we will discover in season two.