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Is Sports Betting Legal In Canada?

Gambling has always been a part of Canadian culture. 

Playing cards were originally introduced, and games like blackjack and poker were established, going back as far as the locals in the late 1400s. Besides cards, there are also board games like checkers and dice. We may see these customs expanding now that single-game betting is available in Canada.


Gambling had long been an illegal activity, but in the late 1800s, it was brought to the attention of the authorities. The government was established specifically to control gambling, as well as to attempt to stifle and ultimately dismantle illicit and covert gaming networks.

The Criminal Code of Canada

The Canadian Criminal Code was adopted in 1892, just before the year 2000. The passage of this statute altered the nation’s gaming landscape and introduced a number of new limitations.

When the Criminal Code was implemented, horse racing pari-mutuel betting was permitted. Due to the lax nature of these rules, many Canadians continued to gamble in a similar manner to before.

Canadian Provinces Have Power

Because rules improved greatly over time, they were hammered out by the 1970s. As of right now, the federal government has given provinces the authority to oversee their own gambling regulations and, consequently, the physical betting locations within their borders.

Online Gambling Is #1

Although this is significant, the majority of gambling in Canada and the rest of the world is done online. In such situations, provinces may evaluate or possibly take action. However, most of the time, it is the user’s responsibility to control their online gambling.

According to Canadian Sportsbooks, bettors from Canada use the most reputable bookmakers to focus on multiple areas of expertise. For example, some are ideal for amateur gamers, while others are fantastic for high rollers with sizable bankrolls.

Gambling Commission Approved

If you gamble online on legitimate, authorized websites based in Canada, it is indeed legal in Canada. But if they are authorized and permitted in their homeland, Canadians may likewise gamble there. 

Such websites include gambling with current licenses from national regulators such as the Kahnawake Gaming Commission in Canada, the Malta Gaming Authority, the Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association, and the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC).

Apart from Alberta, Manitoba, and Quebec, where gambling is authorized at age 18, you must be 19 to bet in the rest of Canada.

How to Place a Sports Wager in Canada

If you’re a gambler wondering how to wager on sports in Canada, you have two major options. The first is national PRO-Line betting, a well-liked pastime for many Canadians who haven’t made the switch to betting on online sportsbooks.

Despite the fact that the latter is much more widely used and generally a superior choice for bettors in the nation, some parts of the country are so isolated from civilization that they take longer to adopt new trends. 

As a result, even though sportsbook providers are substantially better in practically every element of the service they give, PRO-Line betting has been able to maintain appeal among the general public and continues to serve as one of the top sports betting options.

How to Pick the best Canadian Sportsbook?

See What Sportsbooks Are Available To You

There can be a different choice of authorized sportsbooks available depending upon which province you reside in. Amongst the various sportsbooks that have been awarded gaming licenses in Ontario are PointsBet, theScore Bet, and BetMGM, to name just a few.

Evaluate the Various Sign-Up Bonuses Offered

Prior to regulation, sportsbooks made lavish, lucrative offers to prospective customers in an effort to entice them. 

The worth of these incentive offers will, however, vary drastically from one another. You can immediately position yourself for long-term success by selecting the bonus that best suits you.

Choose Which Sports You Prefer to Bet On

Different sportsbooks may have different perspectives on the advantages and disadvantages of wagering on a particular sport. FanDuel, for instance, excels in football but falls short in other sports. However, Bet365 is not as good for football as it is for soccer and other specialist sports.

Select Features You Want

If you’re a new gambler, this phase could be a little challenging, but if you’ve had some experience, you can quickly choose your preferred style of wagering. 

Perhaps you want a sportsbook with an online casino or live betting. Finding a sportsbook that meets your betting requirements should be a top priority.

Check Out a Sportsbook for Yourself First

Of course, trial and error is the greatest approach to determine whether a sportsbook is truly right for you. Join the sportsbook you believe will best fit you and give it a try. You may always go back and try something else if it doesn’t live up to your standards or give you a good time. If, for example, you are into soccer games, then you will need to find a sportsbook that has that on offer.

The 6 Most Popular Sports Canadians Bet On

  • Ice Hockey
  • Horse Races
  • CFL Football
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Lacrosse


Often online punters are unaware of the dangers of using an unlicensed sportsbook. There are no assurances that payments will be safe, that personal information will be kept private, that odds will be accurate, or that responsible gambling programs will be in place. 

Even your winning payouts could be provided later or not at all. Not to add that certain offshore websites are run by questionable organizations. It is, therefore, essential for anyone interested in placing an online wager to make sure that the sportsbook of their choice is operating legally in order to make sure they are betting safely.