The Communist Party of Vietnam ratifies Nguyen Phu Trong for an exceptional third term Communist Party of Vietnam this Sunday confirmed its current Secretary-General and president of the country, Nguyen Phu Trong, for a 3rd exceptional term after an unprecedented resolution. The formation has decided to stay this 76-year-old veteran leader at the front for an additional five years, who in theory couldn’t appear again thanks to his age, and amid rumors of his precarious health. However, Trong has been granted a replacement mandate.

Hanoi (AsiaNews / Agencies) – The 1600 delegates of the Vietnamese Communist Party, gathered in Congress within the capital Hanoi, have re-elected the present secretary Nguyen Phu Trong, 76, to steer the party for a 3rd consecutive term. this is often what’s revealed, behind anonymity, by an anonymous source within the five-year assembly revealed the news that was reported by official state media while the nine-day session continues until Groundhog Day.

The party congress must define the long-term leadership and governance of the state for the subsequent five years, within the context of the consolidated economic process, a so-far effective fight against the Covid-19 pandemic and therefore the tensions between China and us within the Asia-Pacific region. The eve of the meeting was characterized by further repression of dissent. Within the context of the worldwide pandemic, Vietnam has shown effective containment policies with just one,500 cases, and 35 victims since the beginning of the emergency a year ago. The economy also shows positive indices with a plus 2.9% during a regional (and global, apart from China) context marked by recession and growing difficulties. such a lot so that the president and secretary of the Trong party himself called him “a shining star” within the word firmament.

The current leader seems destined to carry the 3rd term at the top of the Party, a really rare event even in consideration of his advanced age, but altogether likelihood he will need to leave the presidency of the Republican unusual dual role held thus far. Vietnam is led by the so-called “four pillars”: the top of the Communist Party, the president, the Prime Minister, and therefore the president of Parliament. However, the important power lies within the hands of the Politburo which controls the foremost important decisions (and appointments), also derogating from the principles on age limits, as happened during this situation where there’s a high consensus around the person.

Trong has become famous in recent years for his fight against corruption, which has seen dozens of high-level officials – including a member of the Politburo – attend jail and face lengthy sentences. for several analysts and experts, this campaign proved to be only a pretext to eliminate political opponents and strengthen the links of control over the country. “In the last five years – underlines Jonathan London, Vietnam expert at the Leiden Institute of Area Studies (Holland) – there has been a clear increase within the level of repression of the regime”. And this reflects he adds, “Trong’s agenda aimed toward disciplining the country and therefore the party in an ever wider way. Among the few rivals of the present leader is 66-year-old Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, who has led the economic process and therefore the fight against the new coronavirus. altogether likelihood, he’s destined to become the leader of the longer term, without however bringing major changes in terms of international policies and internal human (and civil) rights.