In many ways, it was The Circle US that ushered in a new era of virtual reality shows on Netflix. In other words, Netflix has also produced two other international versions of The Circle – one in Brazil, the other in France. Most impressive, however, was the success of the broadcaster and other reality series released in 2020. Shows like Blind Love, Too Hot Too Handle, Floor Is Lava is all very successful on Netflix, making the company update a few of them not just once but two new ones.

Release Date

Netflix decided to show The Circle US season 1 in early January 2020. Although The Circle season 2 may start airing in January 2021, many fans and insiders believe it will be slightly delayed due to COVID-19 restrictions. However, Circle season 2 is fully expected in early 2021, down elsewhere in the first quarter. When it comes to season 3, however, the predictions are less certain. Also, Netflix is ​​expected to release that third season in 2021, which means fans will have two new seasons in the new year. Safe bet that season 3 will begin airing during the second half of 2021.


From time to time throughout the season, competitors are asked to rank their competitors. Those who finish at the top are called “Influencers,” and they have to decide which of the remaining players should be removed. Once they have made their decision, the player is “banned” and must leave their home. Before they leave, they have the opportunity to visit any other competition they want, as well as record a video that reveals who they are. When a team reaches four or five players, one final score occurs before the opponents meet face to face. The top finisher of that final state wins the game with a $ 100,000 prize attached to it. Joey Sasso won the first season of The Circle and went home with a $ 100,000 prize that came with the title. Shubham Goel came second. Sammie Cimarelli won the Fan Favorite award and collected $ 10,000.


The cycle includes participants from all walks of life who are taken individually to specific homes located in the same building. Their partner is the only voice speaker called “The Circle,” who can use it to communicate with other competitors. But just revealing themselves through their profile allows them to be who they want to be, whether they are themselves, some sort of person, or someone completely different.