The Boys Season 3

The Boys alum Antony Starr shares a photo on Instagram of Jensen Ackles hanging out with the cast while filming the Most Recent season. Adapted from a comic book of the same title, the Amazon Prime show proved in 2019 and immediately became a runaway hit. Viewers and critics observed that the show for its ruthless and intriguing writing, which deconstructed the superhero genre with a satirical eye. The Boys mostly follows a set of disillusioned vigilantes working to dismantle Vought, an unscrupulous and abusive firm.

The first two seasons of The Boys introduced audiences to many characters in the comic books, but season 3 will include Ackles as Soldier Boy. Soldier Boy has been cited a few times throughout the season but has not yet emerged on the screen. The personality fought in World War II and earned a reputation as a valiant and patriotic figure with superhuman abilities. Because of this, he’s regarded as the”first” superhero beneath Vought’s leadership. From the comic books, Soldier Boy was conceived as a tongue-in-cheek subversion of Marvel’s Captain America. Currently, information about Ackles’ character remains limited, but pictures of Ackles’ Soldier Boy costume were recently released.

Now, Starr, who plays with the notorious Homelander on The Boys, has shared an image on Instagram of Ackles bonding with his brand new cast members. Check out the photo below:

For many lovers of Supernatural, Ackles’ transition to The Boys was a welcome surprise. After fifteen years on the air, the much-beloved horror series concluded its conduct at the end of 2020. Notably, Supernatural founder Eric Kripke also developed The Boys. Kripke was originally unsure whether Ackles will be interested in the undertaking, but mercifully the celebrity accepted. The series already boasts an impressive cast and the addition of Ackles can only benefit the series. Supernatural includes a massive fan base and also Ackles playing a key part in The Boys season 3, Amazon might see a major uptick in audiences for him appearing on the series.

There have not been a ton of updates on The Boys season 3 filming schedule, but things appear to be going well dependent on the above picture. The cast appears to have good chemistry off-set, which can only mean good things for season 3. The Boys season 3 is now with no release date because filming hasn’t even finished but enthusiasts welcome any type of update they can get. This image may not show any story details for another season of The Boys, however hopefully, Amazon will start pumping out more marketing content soon.