Not everything the series did was loved by fans of The 100. Jason Rothenberg made narrative decisions that sparked a fan base. The creators and writers couldn’t please everyone, so there were several stories that many hated.

Season 3 wasn’t a highlight for The 100. It didn’t show the best version of Bellamy Blake that viewers had seen. Bellamy went from being a difficult leader to a determined person who wanted to protect and save his people.

Helping Bellamy slaughter three hundred Grounders was a painful part of his story. In season four of The 100, Bellamy moves on, trying to redeem herself for siding with Pike.

Lexa’s death

Lexa died in season three, and years later, fans of The 100 still despise how his life came to an end. Lexa was the Commander and a trained warrior. It didn’t make sense that her end came from a stray bullet.

Viewers remained angered by Lexa’s death for the remainder of the show. It was one of the most hated character endings of all the characters on The 100.

Raven blaming Clarke

Fans got tired, bored, and frustrated that some of Raven’s screen time was used to blame or insult Clarke. Raven seemed unaware that she was an accessory to several of Clarke’s plans and never offered an alternative in The 100.