'Sweet Home' Season 2

Sweet Home is a South Korean apocalyptic terror movie, released on Netflix on December 18, 2020. The series listed over 1.4 billion net perspectives and fans are champing at the bit for Sweet Home Season two.

After the third day of the launch of the K-drama, it ranked top in eight areas and was inside the top 10 in 42 areas. Additionally, it ranked first position in South Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Qatar, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Despite having positive reviews, there’s absolutely no renewal announcement on Sweet Home Season two. Netflix takes some time to renew a series till they get very good comments on the first year’s performance. Additionally, we have to wait around for more periods to get the show back as almost all of the entertainment sector jobs are hampered due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sweet Home season 2 release date

There’s not been any kind of official release date set out for Sweet Home season 2, and until more information is shown concerning the production and the standing of renewal, then it may be a while before any information on when the premiere of the second outing will happen. It’d be advisable, if one had to take a suspect, to expect the next installment to appear sometime in 2022, but again, this is only speculation and probably a little wishful thinking as well.

'Sweet Home' Season 2

‘Sweet Home’ Season 2 Possible Plot

Unless there is a massive twist, “Sweet Home” Season 2 will need to continue where Season 1 left off. It can be recalled that, during the last minutes of their first season finale,” Chan Hyon-soo wakes up to find himself with survived the hellish conditions at the apartment in which they had been locked in fighting creatures.

He realizes he’s in an armored vehicle being pushed by Pyeon Sang-Wook. Viewers were afterward shown that Pyeon Sang-Wook is actually Ui-myeong and has only adopted Sang-work’s form.

Given that this kind of big cliffhanger occurred at the end of Season 1, it would be quite unsatisfactory if Season 2 does not happen.

Additionally, there were unanswered questions that a season 2 can answer. First of all, what will happen to Sang-Wook?

Another question is if Lee Eun-hyuk is alive or dead. He was seen buried beneath the rubble of the apartment block. Will the army save the remaining survivor from turning into creatures?

“Sweet Home” Season 2 is likely to imply that a new setting since the old one is supposedly left already.

For starters, “Sweet Home” is described as a dream horror drama that is a fantastic choice for people who love thrillers over comedy or drama. They are inclined to be the fans too of titles such as”The Walking Dead,” Lovecraft Country” and”The Strain.”