The decision to put Indian captain Virat Kohli’s family first has drawn a lot of criticism from cricket fans. He returned home on paternity leave after leading the Indian side in the pink-ball test, where the visiting team experienced their worst batting.

The Adelaide horror set fire to the backlash as fans said that Kohli left the team when he needed it most. But like many cricket experts, former Indian all-rounder Suresh Raina supported Kohli to decide to live with his family.

Citing personal reasons from the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League, Raina told the Times of India that a person should stay with his family when he needs it most. Appreciating Kohli’s move, he said, “It should be his personal decision. He (Anushka Sharma) is his wife. I did the same at the time of my daughter’s birth. ”

“The game is with you today but it cannot happen tomorrow. This is the family that will be with you. When your family, your wife needs you most, then you need to be there, whatever it may be. Virat is there. He is good and taking care of his wife.

Raina further said that staying away from family during difficult times like the coronavirus epidemic also affects a cricketer’s game. Thinking about the well-being of their loved ones bothers a player and, as a result, he is unable to concentrate on the game.

Raina continued, “In this epidemic, you need to be with your family. If your mind is worried about them, you cannot play. He (Virat Kohli) has given a lot to the country and he deserves it. ”

Suresh Raina has justified his decision to stay with the family, not playing in the IPL 2020. He says that cricket is today, maybe it will not be tomorrow but the family will always be together.

Raina said,

“Why would I regret (leaving IPL 2020). I spent time with my children and was there for my family.

Further, Raina said,

“I really wanted to come back to my family. There was an incident in Punjab and he needed me (his uncle and cousins ​​were murdered in Pathankot during a robbery). My wife also needed me here, during the epidemic. I have been playing for 20 years so I know I will do it again. But when your family needs you, you have to be there. I thought it was wise to do so at that time.