The revelation published this Sunday about the figures for Lionel Messi’s contract with Fútbol Club Barcelona had a robust impact in Argentina, with its main media reproducing the shocking front page of EL MUNDO.

Already on Saturday night, early Sunday morning in Spain, social networks and digital editions of the country’s main newspapers echoed the publication, highlighting the most headline of EL MUNDO: Leo Messi’s pharaonic contract that ruins to Barcelona. The figure of 555 million euros gross in four years was reflected by all the media.

Ole, the sole sports newspaper in Argentina, focused on what the disclosure of the contract figures implied: Suddenly the name of Lionel Messi began to become a trend within the networks and to be the duvet of all the websites of Spain even within the early hours of the morning and of the earth after a revelation from the Spanish newspaper El Mundo, which published in its cover on Sunday the figures of Argentina footballer’s contract with Barcelona.

La Nacion, which reproduces the duvet of EL MUNDO, points out that the exclusive journalism “takes on singular importance within the midst of the tough depression that Barcelona goes through, after last week the publication of the economic balance was known, with a terrifying panorama for the longer term of the entity culé, and particularly for the candidates to the elections of next 7 of March.

The newspaper founded in 1870 went further in its analysis: Nothing will ever be love it was before in Barcelona, which was walking its glory around the world and is now a prisoner of hell dictated by the figures that instill fear. A liability of 1,173 million euros and a short-term debt of 773,000,000 are incendiary numbers.

The cover is shocking, said Clarin, the country’s main newspaper, in information without the author’s signature: An unnecessary leak which seems to possess come from the bowels of the Camp Nou that exposes the Rosario within the times during which his departure from the club that he defended throughout his career which is currently bleeding economically and financially is discussed.

In social networks, the overall tone was to spotlight what proportion Messi has contributed to Barcelona since his debut in 2004 and the way well he deserves to earn that salary.

Infobae, the web site with the very best audience in Latin America, gave an excellent display to the knowledge of EL MUNDO and added a small nuance: From the player’s environment, they warned that the figures aren’t completely real which the knowledge was leaked just at the instant that the club goes through a fragile political moment after the resignation of (Josep Maria) Bartomeu last October and while there’s still no president in office.