Stranger Thing Season

Stranger things season 4 – Stranger things even though it 4 years old till date it is showing its impact among Netflix users,
Yes stranger things is an American television show from Netflix which first released in 2016 exclusively on Netflix, it was fantastic series with 3 seasons with an extraordinary storyline, this show was an visual wonder in television series ever created , not only just story, screenplay but also the actor also played a where key role in making this series successful and brought several awards.

When season 4 will come

Its half and year past form the release 9for 3rd season still there is not official news out about the 4th season , ha its pretty sure soon 4th season will come since there are many unofficial news are coming out and mainly a small teaser about 4th season has already got viral on internet, all these are giving strong support to believe soon 4th season will come, some sources all say we can see 4th season from early 2021

Will upside down opens again ?

Upside down its a nightmare world for all stranger things fans, the world which haunted fans for last 3 seasons, talking much about the world will be spoiler, but this world inserted such a dangerous fear in everyone minds its never recoverable, the main characters of the series defeat the world in all 3 season, but somehow successfully it made its way into next season just like every time there lot many chances that upside down will be back in 4th season also, but in last season main creature from upside down was alive at end of series, be we saw even the creature was dead in end of 3rd season this might rise a strong question what will be the storyline of new season, to know the answer fans must wait until 4th seasons comes.

Is Hopper coming back in season 4

Jim Hopper this character created its own fan base as the chief of Hawkins, David Harbour who excellently played this role and won several hearts for last 3 season, but in 3rd seasons he was believed to be dead in the process of closing The Gate. But the latest clips came out clear show that Hopper is still alive. But in order to get perfect answers we must wait for 4th season.