WWE announced in early February that the wrestler Steve Cutler had reached an agreement with the company to end his contractual and employment relationship. That same day reports emerged that WWE could release more talent as a method to cut expenses, but this was not the case for Cutler who apparently had problems with Vince McMahon after a positive diagnosis of COVID-19.

The journalist Dave Meltzer from the specialized portal Wrestling Observer has reported in his last radio program that Cutler’s dismissal disrupted the plans that WWE had for Murphy, which is why the Australian superstar has stayed away from television programming since the beginning of December.

After defeating Seth Rollins the Mysterio family entered into a rivalry with Baron Corbin, who made fun of them. Murphy, representing the family, faced the former United States champion twice earning one victory and one defeat. Not satisfied with his triumph on December 4 Corbin appeared with Wesley Blake and Steve Cutler to attack the Mysterios and formed the group that would later become known as Knights of the Lone Wolf.

After Cutler’s COVID-19 positive, WWE decided to remove Wesley Blake, Murphy, and Mysterio’s daughter, Aaliyah, from the rivalry to focus on Corbin, Rey, and Dominik Mysterio as backbones of the story. Meltzer explains that there are no further details on why the company ran out of plans for the three mentioned superstars or why the romance between Murphy and Aaliyah has not continued.

Murphy’s Been Backstage

As reported by Ringside News journalist Steve Carrier last week, Murphy has been backstage the entire time, but WWE would have no plans for him at the moment. We have been asked about Murphy’s condition since he disappeared from television. We were told that, like Bo Dallas Murphy is backstage waiting to be assigned to a match. They just have nothing to offer him and he is not being used. it is known what will happen to his story with Aaliyah Mysterio were his words.