Smallville has considered the biggest hit of the series is its definitive portrayal of the Man of Steel’s arch-nemesis, Lex Luthor. However, there are two other characters that Smallville deserves equal credit for Jonathan and Martha Kent.

Portrayed by Annette O’Toole and John Schneider, they captured the essence of the Smallville characters in a way that surpassed what had been done before and yet to be made out of anything released since.

The Kents are portrayed as quite old but Smallville skewed them a bit younger, to accurately paint a picture of a middle-aged couple raising a teenager doing a fantastic job of making them feel like a real family.

Smallville’s Jonathan and Martha Kent were everything Superman’s foster parents should be. Even though he came from another world and could lift a car with his bare hands, they loved him like their own.

Jonathan and Martha Kent of Smallville always implored Clark to be careful when exercising his superpowers, but they never asked him to actively suppress who he was.

They were Clark’s guardians, his mentors, his friends, and occasionally his disciplinarians. But most importantly, they were his parents. Smallville conveyed that fact in a unique way that hasn’t really been done before and hasn’t been replicated since.